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!HMA-T Progress July 2008 Terradue.

Project Manager Assessment

The status of the project is nominal.

Key Problem List

  • None

Risk Table

ID Risk Title                          Severity Likelihood Risk Index Risk Domain Action and status

Deliverables List

  • None

WP1000: Project Management

Activities performed
  • Setup of the project Trac site for HMA-T/GPOD Gateway
  • SVN project section created for project files and documents
  • Update of the Project Management Plan

Outcomes and results
  • Trac site

Problems and concerns
  • None.

Plans for next period
  • Sign Contract with Spacebel
  • Sign Sub-Contract RAL


Activities performed

* TOC for System Requirements Document (SRD)

Outcomes and results

Problems and concerns

  • None

Plans for next period
  • Technologies assessment for the implementation of the project
  • Updates to SRD


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