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Service Support Environment

(The SSE service has been discontinued)

The definition and prototyping of services is made easy within the Service Support Environment (SSE), a neutrally managed, open and distributed platform. SSE offers an exclusive opportunity to integrate a wide range of heterogeneous EO and geospatial information services.

SSE works to:
• Orchestrate synchronous and asynchronous Web Services for online and offline processes
• Provide an overarching infrastructure, neutrally managed by ESA
• Integrate the access to EO data within service prototyping and delivery
• Empower service providers through a business process management platform
• Minimise service providers’ upfront investments
• Allow the use of Open standards to facilitate adoption and evolution
• Facilitate the integration of satellite data and geospatial information within the processing and exploitation chains



Through the SSE platform each service and data provider gets an enhanced possibility of prototyping and a notable reduction of the development risk.

The control of the services remains with the owners and developers which, at the same time, retain the Intellectual Property Rights and can benefit from a considerable cut on their investments in Information Technology tools for service deployment.


To publish a service on SSE Platform a company must be registered on the portal by filling in an organisation form and asking to be qualified as a “Service Provider??? i.e. recognised as professional.
After this procedure the “Service Provider??? can:
1.    Register services on the SSE Portal to start development and testing
2.    Orchestrate services
3.    When ready, publish services either directly or through the Toolbox
4.    Monitor service execution through a dedicated Console









SSE is based on different technologies that have been integrated into a unique and powerful environment.
To orchestrate the supply chain of EO and GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION, SSE provides the best available technologies and standards:

•    SSE supports the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and simplifies the integration of Web Services through the Toolbox environment (accessible as a free download from the SSE portal).

•    The service chaining is supported by an orchestration engine that provides a Standard workflow definition language.

The Service output can be published in different ways exploiting a wide set of geospatial information tools and services either on the provider or on the SSE side, including an interface to the ESA DDS (Data Dissemination System) for data delivery via satellite.

This approach allows the service provider to offer the functionalities either as individual Web Services or aggregated at a single interface and:
•  foster the development of reusable services
•  avoid the duplication of frequently used processing software
•  facilitate the combination of arbitrary services to business processes

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