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The project team represents a natural alliance of two partners with complementary background and expertise highly relevant to the project objectives. Both project partners are heavily involved in both the Copernicus (GMES) service projects, and the technology development projects that address the architecture and PDGS (Payload Data Ground Segment) interfaces to access ESA and third party missions EO products. In addition each company has its specific focus. GISAT is a specialist in provision of EO based mapping and monitoring services and ASRC has a strong focus on design and development of geoinformation software applications. 



GISAT is responsible for the overall project management. The company has a long-term experience in provision of geoinformation services based on EO technology. It also has a profound understanding of user requirements for operational mapping and monitoring based on satellite imagery.

GISAT is an SME sized company established in 1990 as a first privately run remote sensing and geoinformation service company in the Czech Republic. It provides its clients with complete portfolio of value added, high quality and state-of-the-art geoinformation services based on the EO technology. The company is ranked amongst the main European EO service providers in three priority thematic domains of the European Copernicus initiative: Land Monitoring, Emergency Response and Security. During its 25 years existence GISAT has established reliable partnerships with various international and European organisations, national authorities and business enterprises. The company is ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified to guarantee the quality of provided services and to reflect the responsibility in environmental impacts of its activities. The background of the GISAT team includes image processing, spatial data analysis/geostatistics, informatics/programming, geography, web services and web tools development, support to land management/spatial planning and natural sciences. GISAT also has skilled managers with long-term management experience from numerous national, European and international cooperation.



ASRC is a project partner with significant experience in developing information systems integrating open source geospatial technology in desktop and web applications. The company is a leading private Romanian provider of customized Geo-Information services with a wide pool of public and private national, European and North American clients. The ASRC team includes internationally recognized specialists in EO working in various departments. It has a long-term experience in developing operational and pre-operational satellite data processing and analysis services. ASRC expertise in the field of Earth Observation radar data is based on coherent processing of spaceborne L, C and X-band data acquired with all available satellite missions. ASRC owns fully processing chains for Interferometry, Persistent Scatterers (PS) and Small BAseline Subset (SBAS). The applications are mainly focused on natural deformation monitoring (landslides, earthquakes), man-made effects (underground mining, oil and gas extraction, CO2 storage) or heavy infrastructure (urban areas, bridges, water dams).ASRC has developed in-house algorithms and procedures in the field of knowledge extraction from heterogeneous EO optical data, the main area of expertise being data mining in large time series satellite imagery databases, spatial and semantic object recognition and annotation. ASRC provides innovative solutions for environmental monitoring and risk assessment (flood risk analysis, drought early warning, deforestation evaluation and others).



ESA Technical Officer: Philippe Mougnaud, Philippe.Mougnaud at esa.int

GISAT Project Manager: Lukas Brodsky, lukas.brodsky at gisat.cz, +420 270 003 734

GISAT Technical Manager: Marketa Jindrova, marketa.jindrova at gisat.cz, +420 270 003 739 

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