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SSE News RSS Feed

One of the functionalities of the SSE is the ability to publish and read news about the SSE. Most commonly, this feature is used to:

  • notify SSE registered users and service providers of planned maintenance activities and unavailabilities
  • advertise new features or changes to the SSE introduced after software upgrades (both SSE and WebMapViewer)
  • advertise SSE-related ITTs and Workshops

All SSE news items are automatically appended to an RSS feed which can be subscribed. Browsers can warn users about updates to an RSS feed (new news items). Subscribing to the SSE news RSS feed can be done from the main SSE page.

Mozilla Firefox 3.0

  • If the feed is automatically detected, the orange RSS icon - feed-icon-14x14.png - will appear just to the right of the web address. Clicking the icon will display a page with the SSE news items. Clicking "Subscribe Now" will allow you to choose a name and location for the feed. Afterwards, the feed will be accessible just like any other bookmark.
  • (or) Go to Bookmarks -> Subscribe to this page. The name and location for the feed will be requested just like on the previous step.

Internet Explorer 7.0

  • If the feed is automatically detected, the RSS icon - feed-icon-14x14.png - on the right of the tab will become active and turn orange. Clicking it will take you straight to a page with the list of SSE news items. Close to the top of that page there should be a plus icon followed by a "Subscribe this Feed" link. Clicking it will allow you to define a name and location for the feed, similar to what could be done when adding a bookmark. Clicking "subscribe" will finish the process. After that, the feed can be accessed by clicking the star icon - favorites_overlay_star.jpg - to the left of the browser tabs (Favorite center), switching to the "Feeds" tab and clicking "SSE - Service Support Environment" or whatever name you chose for the feed.
  • (or) Go to Tools -> Feed Detection -> RSS. The same page as the one described on the previous step is displayed.

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