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SSE General Tests


SSE General Tests module was designed to contain all kinds of operations/tests, on both SSE Operational and Test portals, that need to be performed periodically (e.g. update index database).

The SSE General Tests are developed using the Selenium WebDriver API for Java. The development environment is set-up for Eclipse (see https://wiki.services.eoportal.org/tiki-index.php?page=RSS+KPI+Selenium+Tests for more information).

SVN Information

The project is located at:

https://grid0009.esrin.esa.int/svn/SSE/trunk/sse-selenium/installation/rss-selenium-sse-general.jar (jar file)

https://grid0009.esrin.esa.int/svn/SSE/trunk/sse-selenium/implementation/esa.rss.selenium.tests.sse.general/ (java project)

Set-up the development environment

Follow steps 3. to 5. from RSS KPI Selenium Tests. After import the project, the Package Explorer should look like the following:

Notes: The SSE General Tests dependencies are managed by Maven, as the RSS KPI Selenium Tests, so the projects Selenium and RSS selenium shall exist in the workspace.


New operations shall be added under 'esa.rss.selenium.sse.general.op' package.

At this moment there is only one operation available (RegenerateIndex). In the future the main class (Runner) must be changed to be able to execute all the operations defined (similar to the esa,rss,selenium.tests.kpi).


In order to prepare the enviroment follow the below steps:

1. Right-click on Runner class located under esa.rss.selenium.sse.general and select: "Run as... > Run Configurations"

2. Configure a new "Java Application" (rigth collum) by rigth clicking on "Java Application" iwth the following:

Name: "Runner"

2.1. Under label "Main":
       - Project: "esa.rss.selenium.sse.general"
       - Main class: "esa.rss.selenium.sse.general.Runner"

2.2. Under label "(x)= Arguments":
       - Program arguments: http://services.eoportal.org

3. Select "Apply" and "Run". 


Right click the project 'esa.rss.selenium.sse.general' select 'export' and select 'Runnable JAR file' under Java. For the remaining instructions follow the "Build" on RSS KPI Selenium Tests.

Deploying and Executing

The project is currently being executed daily by root crontab running on ssews2 as follow:

    @daily /home/nagios/sse-selenium-tests-general/test-general.sh

To check the project location enter on ssews2 as 'nagios' user (credentials are available in the password vault) and go to "/home/nagios/sse-selenium-tests-general" where you can find:

- the java project under "esa.rss.selenium.tests.sse.general"
- the jar file under "installation"
- logs under "test-general-logs"
- The script running on root crontab: "test-general.sh"
- Configuration file: "tests.cfg" 
- The script responsible for the svn update of both project and jar files: "update.sh"

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