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SOSI Architecture

SOSI Architecture

Enterprise Viewpoint

Figure 1 shows the geographically distributed nodes, or Service Provisioning Points (SPPs), of the SOSI Demonstration System implemented in the framework of the SOSI project. Furthermore, the functionality assigned to each of these nodes is indicated.

Figure 1 Geographical Distribution and Providers of SOSI Demonstration System Servers

The services of the SOSI Demonstration System are available to be "consumed" by various kinds of users on the Internet as also shown in the Figure above.

Information Viewpoint

The following spatial data-sets are accessible via the SOSI demonstrator:

  • GMES FT Soil Sealing 2006 (European Seamless and Member State level) with complete name "High resolution core land cover data for built-up areas, including degree of soil sealing, 2006" – importance as the first operational GMES product
  • Corine Land Cover (CLC) 2000
  • MERIS-Derived LC - based on a MEEO benchmark
  • Additional Hungarian data-sets ("Registry of Hungarian Nature Protection Area" and "Database of the National Water Framework Directive Report")

Service Viewpoint

We have to distinct between services which are available at the service bus (SOSI Services) and those which are available at the SSE portal (SOSI SSE Services).

SOSI Services

At each Service Provisioning Point (SPP) SOSI provides several services of different types. The services are named matching the INSPIRE Network Services Architecture and are grouped into two components 1) Land Cover Services (Soil Sealing and Corine data) and 2) Earth Observation Services (MERIS data) (see figure 2). The services are implemented complying to different standards like those of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). An exhaustive list of services would be far too long but here is a list of service types:

  • Discovery Service / Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW) - to search for services and datasets
  • View Service / Web Map Service (WMS) - to display datasets
  • Download Service / Web Coverage Services (WCS), Web Feature Service (WFS), and Ordering Service - to obtaion copies of datasets
  • Invoke Spatial Data Service - used in SOSI for the orchestrated access to the download service and for service chains

Figure 2 SOSI Service Metamodel Matched to INSPIRE Network Service Architecture and Showing SSE Service Support / Technology Re-use

SOSI SSE Services

The following is a list of all services of the SOSI Demonstration System registered at the SSE portal:

Figure 3 shows a screenshot of the "SOSI Land Cover Service - SLCS A" directly after start-up. The WebMapViewer displays the available datasets utilizing several view services (WMS). The download services (WCS) for the Soil Sealing dataset are already configured and the user can download the available data from a Web Coverage Services (WCS) using the tab labeled "Coverage". On the right side the screenshot shows the selectable input parameters for the orchestrated on-line access to the data. These parameters include the selection of the dataset to obtain namely "Soil Sealing" or "CLC 2000", the resolution, the packaging (separate or combined), and an option to zip the result. For a detailed explanation please refer to the SOSI: SLCS Hints page at the SSE Wiki.

Figure 3 Screenshot of SSE Service "SOSI Land Cover Service - SLCS Austria"

SOSI Services at geoland2

The SOSI Demonstration System was developed in close cooperation with the geoland2 SDI Team. Some services from SOSI are thus registered at the geoland2 Portal. Here is a List of SOSI Services registered at the geoland2 portal.

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