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References and additional reading

Image Agile Earth Observation
Sensor Web Enablement is a cornerstone of the European Space Agency’s strategy for addressing harmonized multi-mission satellite feasibility analysis and tasking management for disaster, emergency response and security services as well as for land, marine and other global services. This challenge is being addressed cooperatively by the member states agencies that own EO missions (DLR-Germany, ASI-Italy, CNES-France, the Canadian Space Agency and the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites). This paper relates ESA work to the one done at NASA and within the geospatial intelligence community.

Image Land Monitoring Network Services based on international geospatial standards: SOSI and geoland2/SDI Projects
Spatial Observation Services and Infrastructure is a project to develop and verify innovative infrastructure and services within the context of land monitoring and Earth Observation initiatives at European and Member State (MS) levels. The project's results contribute to the concept definition of the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) emphasising symmetrical online sharing of information as opposed to unidirectional reporting. In a pre-operational set-up, involving the European Environment Agency (EEA), four MS sites and the European Space Agency (ESA), a decentralised information system respecting the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) principles is demonstrated integrating distributed data and processing services as well as interactive multi-lingual access.

Image The Many Faces of SDI
This paper addressed the building of the National Spatial Data Infratrsucture in Turkey following the EU SDI directive INSPIRE. The paper addresses as well the relationship with the joint EC - ESA GMES Programme and the Group fro Earth Observation - GEO System of Systems - GEOSS.

Image The EUMETSAT EO Portal and Clearinghouse Project
This paper adddresses ongoing work at EUMETSAT to facilitate acccess to to weather and climate-related satellite data, images and products. The EO Portal is the single online access point to all EUMETSAT services and data. It implements a user interface which allows users to discover, search, order / subscribe to data and dissemination services. Through the Clearinghouse, users will also be capable to discover, search and order/subscribe to earth observation data from partner agencies and vice versa the Clearinghouse will allow partner agencies to get access to EUMETSAT services and data. The Clearinghouse offers services, which are based on OGC, HMA and INSPIRE specifications.

Image GIGAS Methodology
This document defines a methodology to be used by stakeholders, decision makers and engineers alike for analysing and comparing different information and data management systems with the purpose of identifying elements for convergence, technology and interoperability gaps and areas for improvement.The methodology is applicable at different levels including:
- Systems of systems or initiatives
- Systems/projects
- Subsystems or single components
The methodology has been developed within the FP7GIGAS Support Action

Image SANY - an open service architecture for sensor networks
Editors: Klopfer, M.; Simonis, I.
SANY - an open service architecture for sensor networks, SANY IP, p.161 (2009)
Keywords:Sensor Service Architecture; Environmantl Management; Enviromatics; Sensor Web Enablement; Open Geospatial Consortium; standardization

Image GeoSpatial Visual Analytics
Geographical Information Processing and Visual Analytics for Environmental Security
Exploiting Earth Observation Missions: Opportunities and Issues in Ground Segment Interfaces Harmonization
This chapter addresses issues and opportunities raised by global EO programmes, with particular reference to the ground segment harmonization for Global Monitoring for Environment and Security in Europe and the System of Systems by the Group for Earth Observations. Building on the experience made within the Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility project the chapter describes the lessons learned as well the challenges and the road ahead to widen the harmonization effort.

Image GSCB Report 2009
This report gives an overview of the Ground Segment Coordination Body GSCB activities and describes in more detail the status and achievements of the main projects: the standardisation for Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility, the Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observation, and the Long Term Data Preservation

Image Reference Architecture for Space Data Systems
This CCSDS document is based on a modified version of the Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing. It is recommended if you need to describe the functional interaction of software components via telecommunication links as it happens for the satellite control link and for the data downlink.

Image CEN 202 Report
The CEN 202 Report for the "EO, GMES and Dual Use" domain prepared by the working group CEN BT/WG 202 Space makes an inventory of EO resources, standards, identifies issues and needs.

Image Sensor Web Enablement
Michel Grothe and Jan Kooijmans (Editors)
Nederlandse Commissie voor Geodesie 45, Delft, 2008. 87 pages ISBN: 978 90 6132 305 1
In their paper 'A testbed for SWE technology' Rowena Smilie, Yves Coene (both Spacebel), Philippe Merigot, Didier Giacobbo (both Spotimage), Steven Smolders and Caroline Heylen (both GIM) outline the use SWE technology in a number of projects of the European Space Agency (ESA). They illustrate the maturity of the used Sensor Web Enablement - SWE concepts in several testbed projects of ESA and OGC, like the Observations and Measurements standard of the SWE information model and the application of the SWE Sensor Observation Service and Planning Service. All projects are related to the ESA Services Support Environment (SSE). Issues faced in these projects with the application of SWE concepts are raised by the authors, e.g. missing SOAP bindings in the SWE service specifications. Furthermore, future work on application of SWE within SSE is elaborated on.

Image Orchestra an open service architecture for risk management
If you are keen to understand where current trends in technology and society are taking us and how these impact upon integrated risk management, then this book is for you.The ORCHESTRA project anticipated these trends and now has seen many of them develop into reality. ORCHESTRA is the acronym of Open Architecture and Spatial Data Infrastructure for Risk Management, a major Integrated Project in the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission. ORCHESTRA identified and addressed the major technological barriers between stakeholders for efficient information handling in risk management.

Image Architecture and Services for Computational Intelligence in Remote Sensing
This article places the HMA and SSE work in context and makes an overview of the rationale for the standards and SSE architectural choices.
It is published in the book Computational Intelligence for Remote Sensing part of the Springer Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence,
Vol. 133 Graña, Manuel; Duro, Richard J. (Eds.)
2008, X, 394 p. 184 illus., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-79352-6

Image The Full Picture
This publication from the Group for Earth Observations - GEO describes selected Early Achievements and other Earth observation projects and services. Helpful to have an overview.
Not really technical.

Image GMES Global Monitoring for Environment and Security: The Second European Flagship in Space
This paper provides an overview of the GMES Programme of the Sentinel missions and service objectives

Image Reaping the Rewards
This paper links together the work of the Ground Segment Coordination Body, GMES and ground segment interface standardisation within HMA.

Image BPEL Cookbook: Best Practices for SOA-based integration and composite applications development
This book contains an article from The Hoa Nguyen, BPEL specialist, and Yves Coene, the SSE architect. The workflow may be exploited in composing a service that interacts with several endpoints like in multiple collection searching.The book was published by PACKT in 2005

Image Service Support Environment Architecture, Model and Standards - White Paper (April 2006)
ESA Publication Scientific and Technical Memoranda STR 252 - This report describes the SSE architecture. The overall architecture is still the one described, however several features of the SSE have been changed! Updated information is available from the SSE Infocenter

Image Mal de Terre
Book from Hubert Reeves mainly addressing climate change issues. This book is a nice companion to Les Sentinelles de la Terre.

Image Les Sentinelles de la Terre
This book from Jose Achache now GEO Secretary gives a vision of the Sentinel concept and of the GMES programme needs. Note that the book was written before the actual definition of the GMES programme.

Image A New Perspective for Earth Observation: The Oxygen (02) Project
This paper from Josef Achache opens a new era for Earth Observation which sees at the centre of the scene the user, his requirements, the easy access to data and services. The objectives set within this paper influence most of the follow on work on the concepts of multimission ground segment and harmonised ground segment interfaces for easing the data access.

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