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RSS Newsletter - October 2010

  RSS Newsletter 8th October 2010  
  Join & Share area renewed Image
  The Join & Share area has a new look and feel. The site was redesigned in order to align it with other ESA's web sites. Users accustomed to browsing ESA's web sites will find menus, logins, breadcrumbs, resources, etc., in the usual places. New users will encounter a redesigned web site, not only in terms of aesthetics but also with a more logic layout and improved usability.

A new addition to the Join & Share area is the Blog section. The first article Entering the RSS World in the Blog EO Research and Beyond by Giancarlo Rivolta can be viewed here, and you can expect several more articles from new bloggers in the following weeks.

There are still improvements to be done, some are related to the reduction of the content area of the site, which became narrower demanding us to rearrange many pages. Other improvements focus on user experience and you can help us improve by sending us your feedback. To do that you can use the Contact us page or the forum.

  New services on the SSE Portal Image
  • GEOSS ESRI Clearinghouse: Provides access to a distributed network of GEOSS community catalogs and services, it provides OGC CSW 2.0.2 baseline-compliant query interface to the GEOSS Web portal.
  • GEOSS Registry: Allows searching the GEOSS Component and Service Registry.
  • FEDEO Clearinghouse: Integrated a part of the ESA FEDEO project. It allows searching for EO products towards following catalogues: ESA INFEO/EOLI, ESA INFEO/ECHO, SpotImage DALI and EUMETSAT.
  • Jaxa Catalogue: Allows searching for EO products towards JAXA catalogue that conforms to OGC 07-045 version 1.0, ISO Metadata Application Profile for CSW 2.0.2.

  Knowledge-centred Earth Observation (KEO) available Image
  Image Information Mining is one of the key issue to empower the user (e.g.: researcher, service provider, decision maker) to identify relevant information from Earth Observation (EO) data by interactive or batch processing of images. As a step in the above direction, ESA started the project “Knowledge-centred Earth Observation” (KEO), to support more automated extraction of information from EO images.

The KEO system aims at expanding the use of Earth Observation (EO) data by:
  • Encouraging the use of a common scientific cooperative environment
  • Supporting automation of identification and extraction of user relevant information
  • Providing a large set of EO data processing tools (bridge the Data / Information gap)
  • Easing the access to the information extracted from EO data
In summary, KEO allows an expert to identify available components suitable for his application, to create new components mainly aimed at the extraction of information from images, to chain all these components and to run the complete chain in order to extract information from the data.

For more information visit the KEO web site.

  Resources for your EO research, application or service Image
  ESA is pleased to invite you scientist, algorithm / application developer, or service provider to the 1st RSS Workshop on October 12, 2010 at ESA/ESRIN via G. Galilei, Frascati, Italy.

The objectives of the Workshop are to provide an overview of the support for EO research and service development made available by ESA and obtain your requirements and feedback on expected evolutions of available tools and environments. On this workshop:
  • Learn how to create, chain and execute, under the control of a workflow engine, your own algorithm in the Knowledge-centred Earth Observation system (KEO)
  • How to use RSS Reference Data Sets (RDS) for validating your algorithms
  • Grid Processing on Demand (GPOD) service available on RSS
  • Information Mining with the Knowledge-based Information Mining (KIM) subsystem from KEO
  • Learn how to define and use Evolution Models, which describe how to detect a specific feature from related land cover changes over time with Multi-sensor Evolution Analysis (MEA).
Read more here...

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