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RSS Newsletter - November 2010

Rome, 29 November
  New features on the SSE Portal Image
  A new upgrade to the SSE Portal is currently under validation on the SSE Test Portal, this will introduce multiple enhancements to the portal.

Overall improvements to usability will satisfy both users and service providers along with several improvements in service configuration and management that will allow service providers to further customize their services and manage them more easily:
  • New interface supported for catalogues: 'OGC 09-084r1 - OpenGIS® OpenSearch Geospatial Extensions Draft Implementation Standard'
  • Allow Service Providers to change the status of multiple services at the same time
  • Public user profile fields shall be available at service stylesheet level using javascript (e.g. to allow personalization). These fields include the userId, firstName, lastName, invoiceAddress, postCode, city, state, country, emailAddress, etc
Also some security corrections have been made:
  • Orders and RFQ results are now only visible to the service provider and the user who placed the request
  • The style sheet now allows Service Providers to define which fields will be displayed in the Preparation, in the Confirmation and in the Result pages

  RSS Workshop retrospective Image
  The first RSS Workshop held on the 12th of October at ESA's ESRIN facilities in Rome was a success with an approximate total of 150 participants. Sessions went on all day covering topics like Component-based Processing Environment presented by MEEO, processing on demand with GPOD, orchestrate and collaborate on the SSE, information mining, evolution analysis and much more.

In this workshop an interactive feedback system was used to gather the opinion of the crowd on the presentations. The attendees were requested to answer to set of questions in the end of each presentation, they were queried on their acquaintance, usage, possible improvements, etc. Find out the results here. You are welcomed as to provide directly comments on the workshop or to discuss your requirements directly on the Join & Share area by replying to this post!

  New TOOLBOX version available (8.0.5) Image
  A new version of the SSE Toolbox is available for download here. This new version introduces several new features and corrections to the Toolbox and to the Toolbox Development environment, namely:
  • The ability to deploy services from older toolbox versions without the need for manual changes, your code is automatically correct during the import
  • The Development Environment no longer allows the deployment of services with errors In case there is an error or a wrong configuration, the Development Environment points out what is, where is, and how to solve the problem and asks for a refactoring
  • The toolbox capabilities to handle simultaneous requests was widely improved, it now supports several requests from the same BPEL instance, it allows the concurrent execution of instances for each subscription service, and the execution of synchronous and asynchronous subscription services.
We invite all users to upgrade to the latest version available here.

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