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RSS Newsletter - December 2010

Rome, 23 December

  Research and Service Support Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  Dear RSS Users,

We would like to thank you for the year 2010 almost over of great work together. We look forward to working with you during the new year 2011 providing new and improved services, more and more efficient and in line with your expectations as EO Researcher and/or Service Provider.

In 2011, indeed, we envisage implementing several innovations. Just to mention a few examples, in the first months of the year we expect:
  • The RSS Portal, allowing easier access to RSS resources, providing more detailed information about environments and ongoing projects;
  • G-POD version 2.0, providing an new user interface with improved look&feel and usability, more user friendly with several new user oriented features;
  • New SSE services such as Semantic Catalogue Search of classification maps based on AATSR and AVNIR2 data or GPOD Catalogue data search and download for ASAR data;

You can expect as well new useful and interesting contributions on our Join&Share area's Forums, Wikies, and Blogs, where you are welcome to participate, of course! ... and more will come in the successive months.

Now it's Christmas time, time for having relax and fun with family and friends, and enjoy the deserved holidays.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The RSS Team

  20 years+ of (A)ATSR mission available in G-POD
The extension of G-POD capabilities to UK-PAC is hence highly motivated by the addition into the G-POD data portfolio of the EO product archive maintained at UK-PAC (and mainly its 20 years of multi-mission combined (A)ATSR archive), bringing G-POD computing elements close to this archive with high accessibility bandwidth to offer the possibility to process it to higher level products following the G-POD concept.

G-POD at UK-PAC is already available for CAT-1 projects willing to process (A)ATSR data. Scientists are welcome to propose their CAT-1 projects in that context in accordance with existing procedures: CAT-1 proposal and G-POD call of opportunities. After a successful deployment, the G-POD infrastructure installed at UK-PAC can also be used to host operational applications such as for instance the scientific processors implemented through the G-POD CAT-1 opportunity. This operational usage of G-POD is not reflected in the present plan. The sizing requirements of G-POD UK-PAC elements in terms of data storage and processing power will be regularly and carefully assessed globally so as to ensure the global G-POD resource can effectively support in parallel all requirements of all its hosted operational applications.

This project accounts for the utilisation via G-POD of the Along Track Scanning Radiometer multi-mission dataset as a result of the "consolidation" work done by Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) and currently published on-line via MERCI. Therefore, more than 20 years of continuous acquisition are on-line for G-POD hosted processing. For an overview of the current dataset view the full article.

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