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RSS Newsletter - April 2011

Rome, 15 April
  ASAR Product selection and download
  Following increased request of past ASAR products - far beyond their availability at the rolling archives, ESA is making available the ASAR data accumulated over years at our Grid stores.

The ASAR Product selection and download service available in the SSE Portal provides a Catalogue for selection and download of ASAR products to all CAT-1 Users. The service interfaces with the Grid storage system to provide access to all the ASAR datasets; these products have been systematically copied from the ESA Rolling Archives and available since years.

Although the service is restricted to CAT-1 projects, access is granted to other users pending the acceptance of a license agreement with ESA. To request access to the service simply login, access the service page a click on “Request access”.
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  RSS Portal now available online
  The new Research and Service Support Portal is now available online. Besides an overall introduction to the RSS service, the Portal provides detailed information on and access to several EO data users oriented environments and resources, such as Grid Processing on Demand, Knowledge-centered Earth Observation, Multi-Sensor Evolution Analysis, Reference Data Set, and Service Support Environment.

You can provide us your feedback using the questionnaire available in the Join & Share Area.
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  GPOD 2.0 now available for EO scientists
  Since its launch in 2005, G-POD Earth Observation service number kept growing. This drew to a growth on the number of users and data processed on G-POD computing resources. G-POD’s success led to the need of revisiting the Man-Machine-Interface to accommodate effective tools for an effective management of services, tasks and other elements of G-POD. This scenario gave birth to G-POD version 2.0 that will provide a large number of enhancements.
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