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OTEG Project

Project Title   Open Access Ontology / Terminology for the GMES Space Component
Project Acronym   OTEG
Contractor(s)   Epistematica


Image Context
       How it works



Application experts should be helped in identifying relevant EO resources like EO products. One way is to permit them to easily identify the EO missions, sensors or products, useful for their activity. They should be able to perform this identification using familiar semantic terms: terms pertaining to their application domain.

The above support could be provided by collecting and formalising the knowledge which links semantic terms from various application domains to the semantic terms of the EO domain that identify EO missions, sensors or products. The formalisation can be achieved by defining a related ontology (which identifies concepts and relations for multiple domains) and instantiating the related knowledge via vocabularies, thesauri and taxonomies.



The general purpose of the project is to revise and expand the results of the OTE project in order to design, implement and validate an openly available GSCDA Semantics, including:

  Image Multi-domain Thesaurus
  Image Multi-domain Vocabulary
  Image GSCDA Taxonomy

Within the framework of ESA activities in the field and in line with related past and ongoing projects, the "Open Access Ontology / Terminology for the GMES Space Component" (OTEG) project aims at:

  Image Enlarging and spreading the use of EO satellite data
  Image Identifying relevant / useful EO data for users belonging to different application domains (non-EO)



The OTEG project provides a software system for easily accessing the defined semantic information (ontologies and terminologies).
The system is composed of two web services and three web applications.


The web services provide functions to access the GSCDA Semantics, the web applications call these functions to create a graphical interface for the end user.

The two web services are responsible for:

  Image Terminology Search, performed into the defined terminology database (terms, synonyms and related terms)
  Image Ontology Navigation, performed into the defined taxonomy (concepts organized in a hierarchical structure)

The Terminology Search provides operations to:

  Image Search for terms that match provided words and belong to selected domains
  Image Retrieve information on terms definition

The Ontology Navigation provides operations to:

  Image Search for concepts that match provided words and navigate into the selected sub-tree
  Image Inspect a selected domain and retrieve related EO Products


How it works

A simple web based interface will allow users to access the search and navigation functionalities of the two Web Services described above. The application will permit non-EO experts to:

  Image Inspect and retrieve information about terms and concepts
  Image Easily identify and access relevant EO resources starting from their domain of interest or expertise and using terms familiar to them

Users can enter search keywords and retrieve information about the results (e.g., term definitions).
It is possible to navigate the hierarchical structure of the taxonomy, thus exploring different domains.
For each concept in the taxonomy, the system will provide a list of all the relevant EO products, showing the related information (missions, sensor, datasets).





The final output of the work will consist of:

  Image OTEG Documentation:
  Image GSCDA Semantics:
  • Multi-domain Thesaurus
  • Multi-domain Vocabulary
  • GSCDA Taxonomy
  Image Software application for searching and navigating the developed ontologies and terminologies, in order to find EO Products useful for specific domains
  Image The software was installed at ESRIN and presented at a final presentation on 22nd May, 2009.
  Image Two software installations:

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