The objectives of the "Ontology Based EO Search" (OBEOS) project are to:

1) Perform a survey about the state of the art of:
    - Current and future ontology methods integration supported by the most common and widely adopted standardised protocols (e.g., CSW, OpenSearch, CWIC, WxS, etc…).

    - Ontology/semantic initiatives, and infrastructures, aiming to promote the EO Resources dissemination.

    - Publication of EO structured data, for mass market over World Wide Web, through linked data methodologies.

2) Study and identify standardisation activities, which might be foreseen to further ease the interoperability with existing systems (e.g., metadata editing, interfacing with identified protocols such as WPS, linked data for EO domain, etc… ).

3) Design and Implement a Linked Data demonstrator.

4) Design and implement of a pluggable client/server Ontology Based Resolving Architecture, that shall:

    - Be natively accessible via ad-hoc web client, and through external web clients connected to server component of the architecture.

    - Permit the user to navigate and administrate the thesauri.

    - Support advanced semantic textual search, with the aim of promoting the evolution of complex data sets containing user useful specific information (e.g., which geographical area across Europe has an ozone level above a given threshold for more than a week in a row and over a period of 10 years? or which SAR data set is available to perform slow-moving landslides interferometry assessment? ).

    - Be easily integrable with FedEO Clearinghouse environment, exploiting all the catalogue interfaces available to the end users (e.g., ebRIM CIM/EOP/SensorML, ISO AP, OpenSearch Geo and Timel/EO Extension, CWIC, WPS/WCPS).

Main Expected Results

The project aim at identifying standardisation gaps and contribute to one or more of the following OGC specifications:

1) CR to OGC 13-026 for the discovery of sensor metadata

2) OGC 08-167 Semantic Annotations in OGC Standards

3) Mappings ISO 19139 and EOP O&M metadata onto RDF (i.e. RDF/XML, Turtle and JSON-LD) as "Linked Data Model for EO Metadata Discovery".

The project expects to produce the following software:

1) Open-source ingestion component importing dataset, dataset series, and sensor metadata in RDF triplestore

2) Link Data Demonstrator

3) Prototype of the Ontology-Based Resolving Architecture

4) Open-source metadata editor


Planned Date
8 Oct 2014
Kick Off
13 Jan 2015
System Requirements Review
2 Jun 2015
Preliminary Design Review
18 Dec 2015
Critical Design Review
11 March 2016
Acceptance Review
19 May 2016
Final Presentation

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