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Open-standard Online Observation Service


EO-WCS, short for WCS 2.0 - Earth Observation Application Profile, is an Earth Observation extension for the Web Coverage Service (WCS) 2.0 developed in the frame of the HMA initiative. On the one hand it bundles coverages with EO specific metadata to EO-Coverages or Datasets. The metadata used follows the EO-O&M (EO-Observation & Measurements) standard, again defined in HMA. On the other hand it allows to arrange coverages into groups in two distinct ways:

  • DatasetSeries a heterogeneous grouping and
  • StitchedMosaics a homogeneous grouping.

The bundling gives the benefit for the user to retrieve the data and metadata in one go thus simplifying the data handling. The grouping mechanisms make it even more easy to build user-side functionality like retrieval of data in a time of interest.

Additional benefits for users are provided via a combined use of EO-WMS, supporting the portrayal of satellite data, and EO-WCS. The selection of data is done visually inspecting the available data, e.g. ensuring that the area of interest is free of clouds. Based on the selection the data can be downloaded in the required format, coordinate reference system, size, and band selection.

The two UML sequence diagrams below give an overview of the functionality provided by a WCS and a EO-WCS respectively.

Sequence diagram for WCS interactions
Sequence diagram for WCS interactions

Sequence diagram for EO-WCS interactions
Sequence diagram for EO-WCS interactions

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