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MSG Product Download


This is a special MSGFireDetection derived project which allows on demand processing.

There is a Service available in the SSE Portal that allows the execution of these scripts.

SSE Service

The “MSG Product selection and download” service provides, to authorised ESA Cat-1 users, a Catalogue for selection and download of MSG products. 

The selection of products requires spatial and temporal coverage definition and channel (bands) picking for limiting the processing time and final product size. 

For each order process, it is possible to download a set of contiguous MSG timeslots for each of the specified channels. The order usually takes around 8 seconds for each timeslot, for each band to be processed and an FTP link to the output product with username and password is provided to the user. There is a period of availability of one day after the order, for the user to download the product. There is no limit on the number of downloads during this period. 

In order to download a product, an Active FTP connection must be used. 

The service is provided by ESRIN, the establishment in Italy of the European Space Agency (ESA) and data is available from January 2008 onwards on a best-effort basis.  

Service url:



There is a service registered as MSGCatalogue in the Toolbox, which is responsible for invoking the shell scripts.

Operations Management:

In this area is possible to check the service configurations. The soap action sendOrder, as configured 3 scripts in order to prepare and execute the shell scripts of the MSGFireDetection. It is possible to check them at:



The scripts are located in the hegel machine at:

toolbox@hegel /data/msgondemand/MSGFireDetection

And follows the structure:

  • chain.conf - the core configuration file;
  • orderparameters.in - the parameters configuration file;
  • doOrder.sh - main script;
  • msg_getrawdirect.sh - converts frame to raw;

Custom Implementations

There are 2 custom implementations that runs as cron jobs, in order to produce some output at certain time during the day.

  • doOrderChris.sh - handles only the 0900 slot, runs once a day;
  • doOrderLBrodsky.sh - handles all slots from the day, runs every hour

The crontab list is as follows:

toolbox@toolbox crontab -l

05 13,14 * * * /data_hegel/msgondemand/MSGFireDetection/doOrderChris.sh >/dev/null 2>&1

@hourly /data_hegel/msgondemand/MSGFireDetection/doOrderLBrodsky.sh >/dev/null 2>&1

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