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KEO Actuator Startup

An external machine, not belonging to the KEO environment deployed at ESRIN, can be configured in order to become a KEO Actuator, through the installation of the KEO Actuator configuration software (Glassfish, on port 8080).

The KEO Actuator configuration on the external host follows the standard procedure described in the KEO FAQ section of KEO Home Page, under the section "HOW I CAN SETUP AN ACTUATOR ON MY LOCATION".

The machine dedicated to be an actuator must be on a public network with ports 21, 4848, 8080and 9009accessible (ports 4848 and 9009 could be made available to restricted IP addresses only, e.g. to allow remote support).


Once the KEO Actuator configuration software has been installed, the actuator web application and the installation script must be requested to ESA, indicating the public name (or IP address)of the actuator machine. The Actuator web application software and instructions will be then sent for installations.

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