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Welcome to the KEO Wiki page!

During last ten years ESA funded the activities of the KEO project and a series of related projects (KIM, KIMV, IIMTS, KEI, KLAUS). These efforts led during years to design and refine the Knowledge-centred Earth Observation (KEO) prototype system, which permits users to interactively extract relevant features and information from EO data, either through generic probabilistic techniques (KIM subsystem) or by means of a modular and scalable Component-based Processing Environment (CPE subsystem), and to provide outputs, i.e. valuable information extracted from data, in easily accessible formats.

In order to support users in the information extraction process, the KEO prototype aims at providing the following high-level functionalities:

  • Ease the access to EO data and relevant information extracted from them
  • Provide a large set of tools for EO data processing (bridging the gap between Data and Information)
  • Expand the use of EO data by supporting and automating the identification and extraction of information relevant for users
  • Encourage the use of a common scientific cooperative environment
  • Foster the use of standards

Within the KEO environment, the user can:

  • Create & semantically identify internal / external Processing Components
  • Create Processing Components from KIM training (also interactive use)
  • Graphically chain Processing Components into more complex Processing Chains
  • Store output into Web Servers (WFS, WMS, WCS)
  • Create and publish Web Services (from Processing Chains or output)

All functionalities of the KEO prototype can be accessed via the KAOS Client Application. To download the KAOS Client just click here and follow the instructions.
In order to connect to the KEO system available at ESRIN please use the following Procedure .

Technical questions regarding the installation, usage, migration and startup of KEO are addressed at the following link KEO FAQ.
Advanced users interested in actively contributing to the KEO system through the provision of KEO processing nodes can find useful information in the Instructions for KEO Actuator Startup.

Further information on KEO system processing modules are available at the following link.

The KEO wiki page also includes the link to restricted information available to authorised users only, such as the KEO Architectural Analysis or KEO Operations.

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