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Issues raised by CIM tests


  • General issue: The endpoint is said to implement CIM 0.1.9, but seems to implement 0.1.11. The issues raised hereafter relate consequently to CIM 0.1.11
  • Test A.1.6: Instantiation of attributes, slots and classifications
    • Accordingly to CIM 0.1.11, *:MetadataInformation Extrinsic Object has a mandatory Date slot. In practice, there may be two instances of *:MetadataInformation, one associated with *:ResourceMetadata through an instance of *:ResourceMetadataInformation association type, and another associated with *:ResourceMetadata through an instance of *:ParentMetadataInformation association type. In this last case, the Date slot can't be instantiated from the current metadata record. It is suggested to relax the cardinality of this slot to take into account this case. Doing so, the mapping tests (Test A.1.9) will still anyway check that the Date slot when the metadata record contains the information
    • ERDAS implementation tends to use CIM specific slot names instead of the names defined in CIM or Basic Package.
      • For the Date Slot (*:MetadataInformation Extrinsic Object), the ERDAS name is "urn:ogc:def:slot:OGC-CSW-ebRIM-CIM::date" while it should be "http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/date"
      • For the Language Slot (*:MetadataInformation Extrinsic Object), the ERDAS name is "urn:ogc:def:slot:OGC-CSW-ebRIM-CIM::language" while it should be "http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/language"
      • For the References Slot (*:ServiceOperation Extrinsic Object), the ERDAS name is "urn:ogc:def:slot:OGC-CSW-ebRIM-CIM::references" while it should be "http://purl.org/dc/terms/references". The CIM Spec is missing the full description of the References slot, but its name is clearly defined.
      • ...
    • The slotType used by ERDAS implementation is generally invalid. This is not raised at that time by CIM Test Suite because the slot names are invalid (the Test suite raises cardinality errors, but can't analyse more deeply the slot instances).
    • The URN of the classification schemes are generally invalid
      • CIM 0.1.11 is unclear but the classificationScheme to use for instantiating the Services classification of *:ServiceMetadata seems to be "urn:ogc:def:classificationScheme:OGC-CSW-ebRIM-CIM::ISO-19119:2003:Services" but not "urn:ogc:def:ebRIM-ClassificationScheme::Services" which is not defined neither by CIM nor the Basic Package
      • The classificationScheme to use for instantiating the DCPListclassification of *:ServiceOperation is "urn:ogc:def:classificationScheme:OGC-CSW-ebRIM-CIM::DCPList" but not "urn:ogc:def:ebRIM-ClassificationScheme:DCPList"
  • Test A.1.7: ERDAS Catalogue does not support 'urn:ogc:def:ebRIM-Query:OGC:listExtensionPackages' ad hoc query. See 10.1 of 07-144r4
  • Test A.1.9: Mappings implementation
    • ISO 19115 MD_Metadata.dateStamp property is mapped to Date Slot of *:MetadataInformation. The data type of dateStamp is Date (which allows Date and DateTime instances). Date Slot is defined in Basic Package which defines is type as urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:DataType:Date, but CIM defines its data type as urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:DataType:DateTime. It is a valid subtype of urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:DataType:Date, but since the ISO 19115 values may be a Date or DateTime, it is strange to force a DateTime value. In Erdas implementation, the Date values are completed with a 00:00:00 time. This issue has to be fixed in CIM spec:
      • The easiest solution is to explain in the mapping that the date values of to be completed with a 00:00:00 to be expressed as DateTime
      • The cleanest solution would be to allow *:Date (and consequently *:DateTime) values on the Slot (as defined in the Basic Package) to express a Date or DateTime depending on the effective type of the MD_Metadata.dateStamp property.
    • Some slot definitions were missing in the draft CIM 0.1.11. ERDAS implementation has chosen to use a CIM specific Name while some of the slots can be implemented using Dublin Core metadata elements:
      • For the Identifier Slot (*:MetadataInformation Extrinsic Object), the ERDAS name is "urn:ogc:def:slot:OGC-CSW-ebRIM-CIM::identifier" while it should be "http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/identifier"
    • No external identifier provided for *:DataMetadata or *:ServiceMetadata instances while the repository items contain valid identifiers

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