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HMA-T Progress Spacebel 0905

HMA-T Progress May 2009 Spacebel

Project Manager Assessment

Progress is nominal. The AR-2 has been fixed July15-16 in ESRIN.

Key Problem List


Risk Table

ID Risk Title                          Severity Likelihood Risk Index Risk Domain Action and status
1      CITE implementations late 3           2              6              schedule      Monitor technical progress monthly
2      HMA ICD change              2           3              9              cost             Forsee consolidation phase at end.

Deliverables List

The following documents have been delivered:

  • HMAT-SPMP-0002-SPB, Software Project management Plan, Issue 1, revision 3, 25/08/08.

WP2110: Project Management

Activities performed

  • Update of several Wiki pages to close outstanding actions.
  • Update of open action list and Wiki pages.
  • Contacts and technical discussions with subcontractors (email/phone)
  • Teleconference with ESA to discuss status.
  • Normal work

Outcomes and results

  • Updated action list in MS-Excel format.
  • Minutes of teleconference 29 May 2009.

Problems and concerns

  • TEAM engine to be deployed at ESRIN soon.
  • Deployment of consolidated CITE CTL tests on TEAM Web pages at ESRIN.
  • Installation of Deimos SPS at ESRIN seems to make very slow progress.  Availability now foreseen for 7 june.
  • ESA endpoint information is not yet available on Wiki.

Plans for next period

  • Participation and presentation at GSCB meeting in ESRIN June 18-19 2009.
  • Organisation of technical meeting and partial AR-2 meeting 11 June (CNR-IMAA only).
  • KO Meeting HMA-T CCN3 activities (June 11 - TBC).
  • Organisation of AR-2 meeting 15-16 July (others).
  • Participation to HMA-FO KO Meeting 24 June in ESRIN.

    WP2710: Standardisation and Technology Watch

Activities performed

  • Informal integration of EO-DAIL with ESA and Spotimage catalogue endpoints.  Problem report delivered to ESA (handling of multi-collection request) and Spotimage (missing parentIdentifier and inconsistent result counting).

Outcomes and results

  • Normal work.

Problems and concerns

  • None.

Plans for next period

  • Normal work, closure of open actions.
  • Update of OGC 07-118 document once inputs from Intecs become available (See open actions).


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