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HMA-T Progress DEIMOS 0812

!HMA-T Progress December 2008 DEIMOS

Project Manager Assessment

The status of the project is nominal.

Key Problem List

  • None

Risk Table

  • None

Deliverables List

  • Software Requirements Document has been reviewed
  • Architecture Design Document has been reviewed

    WP1000: SPS Mandatory I/F Development

Activities performed
  • Software Test data begun
  • Development of DEIMOS SPS has continued, using first release candidate verison of SPS library and then final version when it was delivered
  • Updates to SRD and ADD carried out, just waiting for reference date for SPS EO Application Profile before uploading final versions

Outcomes and results

  • Nearly final SRD
  • Nearly final ADD
  • On-going development

Problems and concerns
  • Impact of integrating any changes in new 07-018 EO Profile for SPS

Plans for next period
  • Development of software in line with new 07-018 EO Profile for SPS.
  • Finish and upload the Software Testing Plan and sample data
  • Upload final versions of SRD and ADD
  • Preparation of progress report on HMA-T Wiki

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