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HMA-T Progress DEIMOS 0809

HMA-T Progress September 2008 DEIMOS

Project Manager Assessment

The status of the project is nominal.

Key Problem List

  • None

Risk Table


Deliverables List

No items have been delivered

WP1000: SPS Mandatory I/F Development

Activities performed

  • Work has continued on the System Requirement document, incorporating changes to SPS version 1.0 is the baseline following the technical meeting about the readiness and applicability of this new version of SPS
  • Work has continued on the Architecture Design document, also incoporating this change
  • Discussion between DEIMOS and SPOT of technical issues, and development schedules
  • Established useful set of Radar tasking parameters to use in the SPS EO Application profile and the DEIMOS SPS.

Outcomes and results

  • On-going SRD
  • On-going ADD

Problems and concerns

  • Impact of forthcoming 07-018 EO Profile for SPS.

Plans for next period

  • Delivering the SRD and ADD.
  • Preparation of progress report on HMA-T Wiki.

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