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HMA-T Contribution GIM

Activity Objectives

The work that will be performed by our Consortium focuses on the “EO Product metadata� and “HMA Product Catalog� specifications.
In a first phase, the EO Product Metadata standardised within the “GML 3.1.1 Application schema for Earth Observation products� specification (OGC06-080) will be applied to a set of representative VITO EO Products. This study work will allow testing of this specification on a range of products (raw EO Products, synthesis products, derived products and products from airborne sensors) and may lead to the creation of specific extensions (vendor specific parameters) and/or derived GML application schemas. In addition it will provide VITO with the required experience to allow future adoption of this specification as common EO Product Metadata format.
Once this study is completed, one of the VITO systems will be selected for the implementation of an HMA Product Catalog. This Catalog prototype will be setup using the ERDAS EO Proxy framework, it will be implemented by and hosted at GIM and filled with a representative set of metadata.

Expected outcome
  • Testing of EO Profile of GML on derived, synthesis and airborne products
  • Mapping of all VITO EO PRoduct metadata on the EO Profile of GML standard
  • Potentially the creation of extensions or derived application schema to allow the description of these products
  • deployment of an HMA EO Product catalogue reference implementation

Work Plan
  • The study related to the application of the EO Profile of GML on the VITO Products is scheduled from T0 to T0+5 Months.
  • The development, deployment and integration in the HMA-I prototype portal is scheduled from T0+5 to T0+9 Months
  • The demonstration period is scheduled from the AR (T0+9 Months) to the end of the project. Afterwards the Catalog will be kept operational for another year.

Related HMA specifications
  • OGC 06-080r3 GML 3.1.1 Application schema for Earth Observation products
  • OGC OGC 06-131 OGC Catalogue Services Specification 2.0, EO Extension Package for ebRIM (ISO/TS 15000-3) Application Profile

  • Test of the GML 3.1.1 Application schema for EO Products on a wide range of product formats resulting in a number of change requests to be taken into account in OGC06-080r5.
  • Development of a specific derived GML application schema for the VGT4Africa product collections.
  • Development of a reference implementation for the EO Extension Package of ebRIM CSW hosting metadata for the VGT4Africa product collections.
  • Integration of this EO EP of ebRIM CSW in the HMA Portal following the normal approach using the GetRecords and GetRecordById operations.
  • Integration of the same Catalogue Service in the HMA Portal using the GetRecords and the GetRepositoryItem operations, demonstrating how extended GML product metadata can be exposed without development of a new ebRIM CSW extension package.
  • Prototype for a "Light" Extension package approach that returns ebRIM structures together with EO GML records in a multipart MIME message.
  • Deployment of the Open Source EO Profile of WMS prototype and configuration of the VGT4Africa products
  • Integration of the EO PRofile of WMS service with the Catalogue in the HMA Portal.


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