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HMA for Science Evolution


The HMA-SE project was an 18 month project carried out by CGI and SPACEBEL, with the purpose of providing the HMA activities with a suitable platform for further prototyping, and proof of concept of the protocols developed by the HMA-S project.
The project delivered a set of components deployed within the DAIL-SSE infrastructure, configured to provide Opensearch interfaces to the catalogues of a number of scientific data providers and with limited access to the ordering and online access services of a subset of scientific data providers.
These interfaces are documented in the FedEO Client Partner Guide.


The project initially had three main objectives:

  • Review activity of the most recent standards, worked out and proposed within the HMA-S project and submitted to the OGC community;
  • Identification, collection and integration of relevant science services, … to be identified during the project, within the DAIL-SSE environment.
  • Integration of the demonstrators and test-bed elements, implemented and deployed within the HMA-S project, within the DAIL-SSE environment.

Over the course of the project, the focus shifted towards a FedEO concept:

to help scientific users access scientific data from a variety of service providers using:

  • HMA supported standards
  • Opensearch, as developed within the HMA-S project
  • Other standards supported by the existing FedEO Gateway


The project delivered a prototype version of the FedEO platform with externally facing interfaces supporting the HMA-S versions of the Opensearch protocols as well as OGC 06-131r5 and OGC 06-141r2.
Further information on the protocols supported can be found in the Operational Concept and Presentations.


Operational Concept.
FedEO Client Partner Guide.

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