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HMA-S Task 7


HMA-S Task 7 - OpenSearch Extension for EO Satellites Tasking


The objectives of the Task 7 is to create an OGC OpenSearch extension for EO Satellites Tasking Best Practice document based on the Sensor Planning Service Earth Observation Satellite Tasking Extension (OGC 10-135).

This new OpenSearch extension is delivered with a standalone demonstrator composed by a client and a server part. This is accompagned by a set of Abstract Test Suites (ATS) and corresponding Executable Test Scripts (ETS) to be executed on the OGC TEAM Engine.

  • OGC Specification (ASTRIUM)

OGC EO satellite tasking interface is specified in the OGC 10-135 Sensor  Planning Service Interface Standard 2.0 Earth Observation Satellite Tasking Extension

This OGC Interface standard is an extension of the OGC 09-000 Sensor Planning Service Implementation Standard which inherit from the OGC 08-094r1 SWE Common Data Model

 Tasking parameters and informative operations to be used in the OpenSearch Description Document are described in the 3 above documents. They will be listed, selected and harmonized with the OpenSearch Extension to Search for EO Data specified within the scope of Task 4.

The OpenSearch Geo-Temporal Extension will be applicable for any OpenSearch EO Extensions (Search protocol, Feasibility protocol and Download protocol).

Draft OpenSearch Extension for EO Satellite Tasking

  • Abstract Test Suite (ASTRIUM)

Description of the ATS will come at later stage of the project

  • Executable Test Scripts (ASTRIUM)

Description of the ETS will come at later stage of the project

  • Demonstrator (ASTRIUM)

Description of the Demonstrator will come at later stage of the project

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