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HMA-S Task 5

HMA-S Task 5 - Cataloguing of ISO Metadata (CIM) using the ebRIM profile of CS-W (ebRIM CIM)


Summary of the Task 5 activities

  • OGC Specification (CON TERRA)

The ESA SMAAD project, the HMA AWG and OGC OWS-9 uncovered problems in the CIM EP, e.g.:

  • Inconsistencies and missing elements in ebRIM object definitions, wrong or missing slot assignments,...
  • Inconsistencies in UML models, tables and CIM/ISO mappings
  • Text / figures not aligned with new section on keywords and thesauri
  • DataQuality (s. OWS9) not considered
  • not conform to recent OGC policies: no Requirements / Conform.-Classes
  • not 100% aligned with latest ebRIM profile
  • ATS not up to date

All problems prevent from having stable and consistent implementations of the CIM EP and CIM EP ICC. This also affected the ESA SMAAD project.
CRs for the problems and inconsistencies found are mainly included as comments within the CIM EP specification document. 
Another problem: CIM EP is neither an OGC standard nor an OGC Best Practices Paper - only a OGC Discussion Paper. Currently an older version (0.1.7) defined as OGC discussion paper.

It is a  real important task to update now the CIM EP specification and bring it through the OGC (RFC) process as OGC Standard or OGC Best Practice.

The following has to be done:

  • Fix the problems and inconsistencies found in the CIM EP
  • CIM EP should be made as independent as possible from the ebRIM profile version so that it becomes easier to update it to a new version of the ebRIM profile.
  • CIM EP must be aligned to latest OGC policies (like inclusion of Conformance Classes and Abstract Test Suite) 
  • Update XML schemata.
  • Align CIM EP ICC to changes done in the CIM EP (including adaptation of Abstract Test Suite).
  • Approve the CIM EP as OGC implementation specification or best practice document
  • Comprises OGC RFC Process - including a resume of the SWG

CIM EP is now I15 EP and is worked out in the I15 SWG. CIM (Core Iso Model) EP renamed to I15 (ISO19115) EP because ISO Standards related to Geo start with “191” => "15" comprises ISO19115 (which includes in the future also ISO19119 service metadata)

see Document# 13-084r2 on: http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/specifications/catalog

Abstract Test Suite (CON TERRA)

Work here comprises an update of existing OGC compliance test package for the CIM EP including:xxfffx   

  • Update Abstract Test Suite (ATS) (HMA-S.CTR.D5000.1.3)
  • Updates in CIM EP specifications may require updates of CIM EP ATS as well.
  • To be done as defined in the OGC policies
  • 10-15 test cases 

Changes in the I15/CIM EP that affect the CIM EP ICC as well – will possibly lead to changes in the ATS (HMA-S.CTR.D5000.1.3) of the CIM EP ICC

Executable Test Scripts (CON TERRA)

Update Executable Test Suite (ETS) (HMA-S.CTR.D5000.2) provides test cases of ATS in a machine executable format - defined as CTL-scripts.

  • Updates of IGN-F/ERDAS test cases from HMA-T Phase 2
  • 10-15 test cases

Syntax of the CTL-scripts will be based on the latest OGC CITE TEAM ENGINE made available by Task 8 (I51).

Changes in the CIM EP that affect the CIM EP ICC as well – will possibly lead to changes in the ETS (HMA-S.CTR.D5000.2) of the CIM EP ICC.

CIM EP ETS to be executed with the TEAM Engine against an updated version of the Buddata CIM EP reference implementation.
Test results will be reported (HMA-S.CTR.D5000.2.1)
If problems occur - CTL scripts (and possibly CIM EP specification) will be updated or Intecs will be informed to change reference implementation.

CIM EP ICC ETS  executed by TEAM Engine against HMA CIM EP Bridge
Test results will be reported.
If problems occur in CTL scripts the CIM EP ICC spec and/or bridge implementation will  be adjusted. 

Demonstrator (SPACEBEL)

con terra´s provision to the Demonstrator will be an update CIM to INSPIRE Bridge (developed in the SMAAD project):

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