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HMA-S Task 3

HMA-S Task 3 - EO Metadata Profile of Observations & Measurements  - GIM


Summary of the Task 3 activities:

OGC Specification (GIM)

The objective of this task is to evolve OGC10-157r3, the Earth Observation Metadata Profile of Observations and Measurements.OGC 10-157r3 describes a metadata model and associated encoding for describing Earth Observation Products.  It is a successor of OGC06-080r4, the GML 3.1.1 Application Schema for EO Products. OGC10-157r3 was developed within the context of the HMA Follow On project and has now official OGC Standards status.Within the HMA-S project, this specification will be evolved taking into account the following requirements:


  • Improve the description of the quality of the EO products

  • Allow grouping of products

  • Allow inline encoding of cloud masks

  • Allow different EO product metadata in view of the timelines

  • Take into account potential additional EO Metadata elements to align semantically with the INSPIRE Data specifications for orthoimagery.

  • Corrections in model and editorial comments

  • Deprecate elements refering to images in favour of their counterparts refering to products

The list of proposed change requests is documented in HMA-S-TN-001-GIM-V10.
An update of this technical note taking into account the SRR comments is HMA-S-TN-001-GIM-V11.

The latest version of the Technical Data package can be found here: HMA-S-GIM.D3000.1_27112013.zip. It contains the updated specification and associated schemas and examples.

Abstract Test Suite (GIM)

The ATS is included in the OGC10-157 document.

Executable Test Scripts (INTECS)

The ETS consists of the various schemas for the base eop and the derived thematic product types and the eop schematron.

Demonstrator (SPACEBEL)

Description of the Demonstrator






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