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HMA-FO Task 4

HMA Follow on Task 4


  • Keep aligned the HMA Ordering with respect to the evolution on OGC SPS and SWE Common specifications;
  • Update as well the order servers set-up in the prototype activities of HMA-I and in the integration activities of HMA-E
  • Allow a wider adoption of the ordering specification making available the order server code as open source.
  • Take into account possible new requirements from GSC Data Access activities involving the Ordering process.
  • Push the order specification through the OGC standardization process with the objective of making the Ordering spec a new OGC Standard.


The activities to be performed are the following:

  • Evolution of the HMA Ordering ICD 06-141 with respect to inputs coming from the companion HMA Programming ICD 07-018 specification.
  • Pushing the specification through the OGC standardization process via the establishment of a dedicated OGC SWG - Standard Working Group.
  • Supporting the standardization process by setting-up the procedures for verifying the compliance of order server implementations with respect to the specification.
  • Development, test and deployment of an order server to use as a reference for the other implementations.


Expected Results

  • Updated Ordering Specification OGC 06-141:
    • adding the new requirements from HMA FO and also from the OGC comunity
    • adding the ATS section for defining the procedures for verifying the compliance of implementations
  • Preparation of ETS for testing the compliance of implementations
  • Development and setting-up of a permanent installation of a complinat order server.
  • Last, but not least, the Ordering specification OGC 06-141 will be an OGC Standard



  • Elsag Datamat (prime)
  • con terra



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