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HMA-FO Task 2

HMA Follow on Task 2


WP 1000: Project Office covers the managerial aspects of the project and includes the project management, product assurance and configuration management, and finally the attendance of the consortium to the OCG Technical Committee meetings.

WP 2000: Completion of the SPS and the SPS EO specifications (and required sweCommon), deriving a new version of the documents.

WP 3000: Sensor Feasibility Reference Environment development. Upon the completion of the SPS specification, the consortium is prepared to specify, design and implement the Sensor Feasibility Reference Environment (SFRE) that shall used for the testing and demonstration of the SPS specification.

WP 4000: Conformance Testing. This will involve creation of Abstract and Executable Test Suites for SPS EO, and the validaiton of the SFRE.

WP 5000: Additional Server Environments Demonstration. This task is to provide conformance testing to two additional SPS including a Radar mission (provided by ASTRIUM UK) and an optical mission (provided by SPOT Image).

WP 6000: Warranty. This is to ensure the correct behaviour of the SFRE during 6 months starting just after the final acceptance.

Expected Results

Updated specifications:
sweCommon (OGC 08-094)
SPS 2.0 (OGC09-000)
SPS for EO Application profile (OGC 07-018)

SFRE software version 1.0, including Source code, object code and executables and Test scripts and test data. Also all COTS and Libraries or support packages and related procedures (installation, compilation, building, …).


HMA-FO Task 2 Action Item List


December Progress Meeting. 01/12/09

November Progress Meeting. 03/11/09

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