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HMA-FO Integrated Demonstration


A couple of end-to-end storyboards should be generated addrssing at least- a routine task where data from archive can be used, and eventually complemented with additional data to be acquired- an event response task where it is necessary to get pre and post event data, and where the temporal constraint of the acquisition is very high. This could address the direct download mechanism.Furthermore it is desirable to have an additional storyboard addressing the use of WCS for the provision of systematic data acquired on a certain area, which is updated with cloud free products.(PGM)

Sensor Feasibility

(before demo) load scenario into DMS SF Server

  1. Multiserver reserve (includes feasibility) request (to Spot and Deimos OPT1 and OPT2 simulating Earth Explorer missions). Probable Area of Interest covering parts of Tunisia, Malta, Sicily. Upper (N/W): 38/10. Lower (S/E): 35/15. Probable Time of Interest 1/5/11 to 31/5/11.
  2. Responses include potential footprints of acquisitions - many from SPOT, 4 from OPT1 and OPT2 (MERIS swath)
  3. User cancels some, confirm others (possibly does "update" for others, but maybe no time?)
  4. Time passes and, when some have been acquired (possible have some fail, but maybe a little complex to explain?) end with a validation of three (or more) results
  5. One will be a SPOT response and DescribeResultAccess for this will be link to ??an ordering service and/or ??catalogue service and/or ??direct download
  6. Another will be a DMS SF Server OPT1 response and DescribeResultAccess for this will be link to a DEIMOS image as direct download link: http://dione.deimos-space.com/results/DE01_SL6_22P_1T_20101002T093704_20101002T093732_DMI_0_2376.html
  7. Another will be a DMS SF Server OPT2 response and DescribeResultAccess for this will be link to a WCS MERIS image: (EO WCS team to create, coordinates of the corners are given below)

The service DescribeResultAccess ones all link through to new demos... The URL and or XML content can be "copied" from the SF Client and then pasted into: ...

Join of Ordering Service with SPS EO:

  • From SPS EO GUI: get the identifier(s) of product(s) to be ordered.
  • Copy paste the product identifier(s) in the Ordering Service GUI and add in the “Shop Cart”.
  • For each product, get the related order options, set the values and save into shop cart.
  • When the order options have been correctly set, issue the order. The system will reply with an order identifier; take note of that ID.
  • Go to DescribeResultAccess page of Ordering Service GUI, insert the order ID and call the operation.
  • A preconfigured URL to a WCS will be returned for each ordered product.
  • Follow that URL(s) to the WCS Service GUI and interact with that service.


From AR MoM:
For the order (Task 4) ? Nothing to be shown as no graphical client is available and procedure is not new. Here the ordering demo with the old version (in the DAIL) could be shown. TPS will check whether a minimal Web client could be proposed also including the new ordering options functionality.

User management and INSPIRE orthoimagaery WG to be included in the agenda as well.

For the demo DAIL should be shown as well according to ESA, can include catalogues (various) and ordering (DMC, DLR Spotimage, ...).

The DescribeResultAccess could possibly be a link to the „client application“ in a catalogue as well.

Catalogue demo should show also one or more new product types: e.g. synthesis product.

Data requirements

  • MERIS sample images for WCS. Have the possible images, and selected the area of interest identified above for the SPS search. Need to define a URL to have the MERIS image "cropped" to the result footprint (coordinates for the corners are:

34.8353906217188 14.144261158484358
35.19423703061539 16.053051281717245
38.36653520353919 15.191564830055968
38.00000148315338 13.203443700687336
Need this to be made into a WCS URL.

  • SPOT images - being determined, there are several within that area of interest.
  • DEIMOS-1 images - there are several within that area of interest. One will be linked by direct access. It is smaller than the result footprint shown in the client (as SF Server uses the large MERIS swath), but shows the technology for linking fine. We link to a webpage with both an image preview and some image metadata, as this is much quicker to load than eg. a .tif.



The product metadata have been catalogued here http://projects-eu.erdas.com/erdas-georeg/wrs/HMAFO

Here is a request to get them.

<?xm<x>l version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<csw:Query typeNames="RegistryPackage ExtrinsicObject">
  <csw:Constraint version="1.0.0">

Web Services

Sensor Feasibility

Will all be demonstrated through the SF Client at http://hmafo.faceo.org/www/com.astrium.faceo.HomePage/HomePage.html. This is configured to reach both the SPOT SPS Server and the Deimos SF Server.


  • SF Client - already configured (Astrium to confirm)
  • SPOT SPS Server - right DescribeResultAccess hardcoded (link to ??an ordering service or ??catalogue service or ??WCS (see below) or ??direct download)
  • Deimos SF Server - right scenario file, right DescribeResultAccess hardcoded (link to ??an ordering service or ??catalogue service or ??WCS (see below) or ??direct download)


Base URL: http://ssews1.esrin.esa.int/wcseo/ows?

Available data: MERIS L1b sample data from here


  • DatasetSeries (EOId: MER_FRS_1P) containing the 3 MERIS datasets with all 15 radiance bands encoded as uint16 values.
  • StitchedMosaic (CoverageId: mosaic_MER_FRS_1P_RGB) containing the 3 MERIS datasets reduced to RGB 8-bit.

Metadata of datasets:

Sample URLs (ESA's installation of WCS 2.0/EO WCS in a virtual machine):

Result of a GetCoverage request to the full StitchedMosaic:


Available data: SPOT-5 (6 scenes)


  • DatasetSeries (EOid: spot5_set_mosaic_sicily_HMA_demo) containing 6 SPOT-5 False Color datasets (3 bands) over Sicily
    • coverageid: meta_0_0-Italie_110205_TX_073_274_SPOTView — View
    • coverageid: meta_0_1-Italie_110205_TX_073_274_SPOTView — View
    • coverageid: meta_0_0-Italie_110205_TX_073_275_SPOTView — View
    • coverageid: meta_0_1-Italie_110205_TX_073_275_SPOTView — View
    • coverageid: meta_0_0-Italie_110205_TX_073_276_SPOTView — View
    • coverageid: meta_0_1-Italie_110205_TX_073_276_SPOTView — View

Sample URLs (ESA's installation of WCS 2.0/EO WCS in a virtual machine):

  • DescribeEOCoverageSet
  • DescribeCoverage
  • GetCoverage
  • GetCoverage

Quicklook of SPOT-5 dataset:



Task 2 - Sensor Feasibility

HMA FO FP for Task 2
These are the slides as to be used for FP, and cut down for GSCB. Any comments welcome.

Task 2
These were early draft slides, to be harmonised to whatever standard set of slides/titles is decided.

Task 3 - Online Data Access

(to be harmonised to whatever standard set of slides/titles is decided)

Task 4 - Product order

Final slides (updated)
Final slides GSCB

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