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The HMA-E Project is split into two main phases, the first phase is major rationalisation of the front end services towards a Service Oriented Architecture maintaining the currently operational interfaces (EOLI-XML), before proceeding to a phase 2 which implements the standardised HMA interfaces.

The Phase 2 of HMA-E Project aims to upgrade the ESA Multi-Mission Ground Segment (MMGS) for supporting catalogue, ordering, programming and identity management services via HMA interface. This important upgrade allows ESA MMGS to act as GMES Contributing Mission (GCM) towards the GMES Space Component Data Access (GSCDA).


The HMA-E phase 2 has been split into two major sub-phases namely Phase 2a and Phase 2b.

HMA-E Phase 2a

The aim of this phase is to provide a reference environment for an early support to HMA interfaces for being integrated with the DAIL. The reference environment will provide a limited support to these interfaces. The following figure illustrates the context and the architecture of the HMA Reference Environment:


The reference environment will be composed of:

  • IONIC Red Spider Catalogue (RSC).
    RSC provides the HMA Catalogue Service within the reference environment. It is an e-business registry service based on the OpenGIS Catalogue 2.0 specification, allowing data providers and data users to register and discover metadata describing a wide range of resources (OpenGIS web services, datasets, imagery, Earth Observation, …).
  • OPGW (ESA GS Ordering & Programming Gateway).
    It provides HMA Ordering & Programming interfaces via translation w.r.t. EOLI XML Catalogue & Ordering.
HMA-E Phase 2b

Phase 2b will provide the HMA-E full functionality natively within the ESA GS:

  • Support of HMA Catalogue interface:
    • for accessing the M2EOS Catalogue;
    • for accessing EOLI Local Inventory;
    • for order validation w.r.t HMA servers;
  • Support of HMA Ordering interface:
    • for issuing on-demand orders;
    • for routing orders towards HMA Ordering Servers;
  • Support of HMA Programming interface as back-end towards HMA Programming Servers.
  • Full implementation of updated security architecture;

The following figure shows the context of the ESA USMP infrastructure at the end of Phase2b.


A brief description of the USMP components upgraded during this phase is provided below:

  • EOLI Server
    It will be upgraded to support:
    • Authentication check against UMS – SSO
    • Access to CARE user profile
    • HMA Catalogue interface as front-end to local inventory
    • HMA Catalogue interface towards M2AS/M2CS (translation of the protocol ICD 041)
  • WMS2EOS (former MUIS2WMS)
    The MUIS2WMS server will be upgraded to make the interface toward the WMS Clients compatible with the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC) version 1.3 specifications;
  • M2AS
    It will be upgraded to support authorization of HMA Catalogue and Ordering interfaces.
    Checks will be different depending on the type of requests:
    • Catalogue: only SAML assertion validity check is performed (no authorization is necessary because the catalogue is unrestricted);
    • Order: full checks;
    • On-line data access: full checks.
  • M2CS
    It will be upgraded to support the HMA Catalogue ICD.
    MMOHS will be extended to implement the HMA Ordering (OSFE and OSBE) as well as the HMA Programming Interface and the HMA Catalogue interface (OSBE).
    The Order SOAP Back-End (OSBE) is a component implementing a back end client and server able to support the MMOHS in querying the (remote) catalogue via ebRIM interface, in submitting order/programming and managing asynchronous follow-up via HMA interface involving ESA partner entities (joining the HMA context).
  • OPGW
    It will be upgraded to support the KML generation from GetFeasibilityResponses.
  • SCDMT (Conf Wizard)
    The Conf Wizard will be upgraded according to the new USMP updated configuration.

EOLI-SA (not covered by HMA-E) will be upgraded for adding native support of HMA Catalogue and Ordering ICDs.

Main Expected Results

HMA-E Phase 2 Schedule

MilestonePlanned DateActual DateDescription
KO T014 April 2008Kick Off
PDRT0+2M30 June 2008Preliminary Design Review
Ph2a-CDR T0+6MDecember 2008Critical Design Review Phase 2a
Ph2b-CDR T0+12MApril 2009Critical Design Review Phase 2b
Ph2b ART0+15MJuly 2009Acceptance Review Phase 2b
Ph2b ORT0+17MSeptember 2009Operational qualification Review Phase 2b

Project member resources

- HMA-E Baseline.
- HMA-E Test environment

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