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HMA at a glance

 HMA at a glance

HMA Objective

The goal of HMA is to standardise the ground segment interfaces of the satellite missions for easier access to earth observation (EO) data.
The aim is allowing an harmonised access to heterogeneous EO missions’ data from multiple providers, including national missions and ESA Sentinel missions.

HMA high level Objectives

The HMA goals are linked to specific objectives, recalled in the CEN 202 WG Space report
O1     Manage and reduce technical risks in EO systems and operations
O2     Manage and reduce cost of EO systems and operations
O3     Establish the baseline for the development of the European Space infrastructure capable of harmonize and exploit relevant national initiatives and assets
O4     Allow interoperability within and across organisations
O5     Increase competitiveness of European Space (and downstream) industry
O6     Maintain the leadership in EO systems and operations and avoid insurgence of undesired standards
O7     Ensure that technology drivers for the European guaranteed access to Space are lead by European requirements


HMA Lines of action

The HMA goals are pursued through the development of the following lines of action connected to specific HMA objectives:       

Evolution of standards (O6, O7)

  • New requirements, corrective maintenance, R&D,
  • Support to operational implementation (O1, O2, O3, O4)             
  • Configuration Management of standards
  • Definition of test suites
  • Persistent conformance testing facility and tools

Promote new competencies and skills, support uptake of standards (O5)

  • Support demonstrations and prototypes in industry and institutions
  • Development of Open Source Tools

Relationship with European and global initiatives (O6, O7)

  • INSPIRE - Directive for Spatial Data Infrastructure in Europe
  • GEOSS - Global Earth Observation System of Systems
  • CEN 202 WG "Space"

HMA Activities and Contracts

The lines of action are realized through contracts and activities:

Evolution of standards

  • HMA Science
  • HMA Follow On (Product metadata, feasibility analysis, online data access, order)
  • Harmony (OGC membership and support)
  • HMA-T Phase 2
  • HMA-E (minor catalogue maintenance)

Support to operational implementation:           

  • HMA Architecture Board
  • HMA-T Phase 2
  • Task 3 - SSE Infrastructure

Promote new competencies and skills, support uptake of standards

  • HMA-T Phase 2

Relationship with European and global initiatives

  • GEOSS support contract
  • HMA-T Phase 2 (INSPIRE Compliance for catalogue)


 Contributions to HMA

 HMA receives the continuous contributions of the following missions and entities:


GMES Contributing Missions:

Other contributions:


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