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HMA Testbed Phase 1

HMA Testbed Phase 1

Phase 1 was performed by a Consortium consisting of SPACEBEL, GIM, Spot Image, Galdos Systems and ERDAS.
The main results per topic are accessible below. The Final Presentation will be on-line soon.

Service and Collection Discovery

An ebRIM extension package for ISO19115/19115 metadata was developed.

- OGC 06-131 OGC Catalogue Services Specification 2.0, EO Extension Package for ebRIM (ISO/TS 15000-3) Application Profile, version 0.1.9, 14/05/2008

- Presentation of ISO extension package OGC 07-038 at OGC TC in Ottawa (Canada), April 2007 in Catalogue WG.


The ebRIM extension package for EO products was refined and was accepted as OGC Best Practice" at the OGC TC in Potsdam.

- OGC 07-038 Cataloguing of ISO Metadata (CIM) using the ebRIM profile of CS-W, version 0.1.8, 21/11/2007

- The Ionic/ERDAS catalogue product now supports OGC 06-131 out-of-the-box. ERDAS has also developed a customisable EO Proxy Framework to facilitate implementation of OGC 06-131 compliant interfaces in front of legacy catalogues. A presentation is available here.

- Implementations of OGC 06-131 servers and clients accessible from http://services.eoportal.org. The client to the Eumetsat, Spot Image and ESA catalogues is available as the FEDEO Clearinghouse.

- Presentation of OGC 06-080 at OGC TC in Edinburgh (U.K.), June 2006 in GML WG.

- Presentation of OGC 06-131 at OGC TC in Potsdam (Germany), May 2008 in Catalogue WG & Earth Observation-Natural Resources WG.

Conformance testing

- Online CITE Conformance tests for OGC 06-131

On-line Data Access

- Paper "Online Data Access-Consumption: new access to the data for the HMA project", available at proceedings of Pv2007.

- A prototype chain (See Figure 1) was demonstrated in Stresa including a Spot Image Sensor Planning (SPS) service and a Spot Image WCS GMLJP2 server. Users can perform a GetFeasibility request on the SSE Portal and perform the Submit. The DescribeResultAccess operation returns a WCS GMLJP2 URL to the SSE Portal. The Portal then displays the product with its WCS GMLJP2 client.

Figure 1: WCS GMLJP2 Prototype
Figure 1: WCS GMLJP2 Prototype

- Download video of WCS prototype over the Andaman islands.
- Download video of WCS prototype over Sumatra.

User Management

- Presentation of OGC 07-118 to the OGC Security WG at the OGC TC in Stresa (Italy), December 2007. Download Presentation.

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