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HMA Configuration Management Table

This page describes the status of the HMA standards configuration management. The table below is being initialised the basis of the resolutions of the HMA AWG which took place on 3 December 2008. It will be updated by HMA AWG  members on the basis of the information owned by each of them. The status of the table can be considered final/approved only after next HMA AWG.

Comments shall be provided using the Review Item Discrepancy - RID form (which can be downloaded on your computer) and posted on the HMA forum!

 HMA AWG Configuration Table last update - 6 November 2014

Please take note of the following Technical Note on end to end use of identifiers for catalogue and ordering.

HMA Protocols Under Configuration Control
Relevant Standards
Collection Metadata OGC 11-035r1, EO Collection and Service Discovery using the ebRIM Application Profile of CSW 2.0, version 1.0, 26/03/2013. OGC Best Practice
Collection level metadata are defined using the ISO 19115:2003 and ISO 19139:2007
ISO/TC211 Metadata Standards.
Conformance to INSPIRE is addressed in OGC 11-035r1.
Collection& Service Discovery
OGC Implementation Specification
Conformance to INSPIRE addressed in separate document OGC 08-197r3, Version 1.1, 17/01/2014.
  OGC 10-032r8, OpenSearch Geo and Time Extensions, version 1.0.0, 14/04/2014.   OGC Implementation Standard HTTP  
  OGC 13-026r5, OpenSearch Extension for Earth Observation, DRAFT 1.0.0, 29/10/2014 OGC SWG Internal document HTTP  
Earth Observation Product Metadata
OGC Profile
GML 3.1.1
Deprecated.  OGC 10-157r3 to be used instead.
  OGC Implementation Standard Profile of Observations and Measurements (ISO 19156)
To be replaced by OGC 10-157r4, Version 1.1, 10/06/2014 (OGC SWG Internal draft, prepared by HMA-S).
Product Discovery
OGC Implementation Standard
 0.2.4 was delivered by HMA-T end of June 2009. The approach agreed is that 0.2.4 SHALL be used for implementations starting at the date of document availability. No update is required from already available implementations using 0.2.2 because the changes do not affect the catalogue functionality.
0.2.5 which will become 1.0 shall NOT be used
Conformance test scripts are avaiable, still to be finalised!
  OGC 10-032r8, OpenSearch Geo and Time Extensions, version 1.0.0, 14/04/2014.   OGC Implementation Standard HTTP  
  OGC 13-026r5, OpenSearch Extension for Earth Observation, DRAFT 1.0.0, 29/10/2014 OGC SWG Internal document HTTP  
OGC Implementation Specification
  OGC 13-042, RESTful Encoding of Ordering Services Framework for Earth Observation Products, version 1.0, 28/04/2014.
OGC Best Practice
Feasibility Analysis
OGC Implementation Standard
SPS 2.0
SWE 2.0
  OGC 13-039, OpenSearch Extension for Earth Observation Satellite Tasking,
OGC Best Practice
  OGC 14-012r1, RESTful encoding of Sensor Planning Service for Earth Observation Satellite Tasking, version 1.0.0, 17/07/2014. OGC Best Practice HTTP, REST  
Web Map Service
OGC Best Practice
WMS 1.3
With appendix explaining link to EO GML metadata
Web Coverage Service

OGC 09-148r1 WCS 2.0 Interface Standard - XML/POST Protocol Binding Extension (1.0)

OGC 09-153 WCS 2.0 Overview: Core and Extensions (Best Practice)

OGC 10-164, OGC GML 3.2.1 Application Schema – Coverages – CF NetCDF Coverage Encoding Extension, version 2.0.0
OGC 12-108, OGC GML 3.2.1 Application Schema – Coverages – GML JPEG2000 Coverage Encoding Extension, version 0.0.4.
OGC Interface Standard



WCS 2.0


WCS 2.0 has been implemented within MapServeer 6.0.0
  OGC 12-100r1  OGC GML 3.2.1 Application Schema – Coverages – GeoTIFF Coverage Encoding Profile, v.1.0 OGC Interface Standard    
  OGC 10-140r1 OGC Web Coverage Service 2.0 Interface Standard - Earth Observation Application Profile v.1.0.0, 26/02/2014. OGC Interface Standard  
EO-WCS has been implemented within EOxServer
Web Processing Service
No standards under configuration control
Work is planned within HMA-S.
Download Service
OGC Best Practice
HTTP, Metalink  
Identity Management
OGC 07-118r9, User Management Interfaces for Earth Observation Services, Version 1.1, 28/04/2014.
OGC Best Practice

Other standards applicable to HMA standardisation work, which are under configuration control within the HMA AWG

HMA related standards applicable
Geography Markup Language
GML 3.2.1
This version is aligned to O&M - ISO 19156 in the future GML version 3.4 the "gml:Observation" may be deprecated without breaking the backward compatibility. At the HMA AWG of 4 February 2010 this issue has been discussed. It was decided that ongoing work on EO Product Metadata and WCS 2.0 shall refer to GML 3.2.1  
ISO 19115
ISO 19115 Part 2
At the HMA AWG of 4 February 2010 it was discussed the possible alignment of the EO Product Metadata to Part 2. This option has been disregarded.
Metadata semantic annotations
OGC Best Practice
  OGC Implementation Standard OGC 08-085r3,
GML in JPEG 2000 (GMLJP2) Encoding Standard Part 1: Core

 Note 1: The evolution of above protocols (if applicable) is indicated within the HMA Interface Specification mapping by project/ground segment page with the name of the relevant project.

 Note 2: Open-source implementations and conformance tests for several specifications listed above are available on the HMA Testbed Pages.

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