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HMA Authentication Service

HMA Authentication Service

The HMA Authentication Service (aka Security Token Service - STS) is an open-source implementation (with Apache license) of the service with the same name defined in the HMA User Management Interfaces for Earth Observation specification OGC 07-118. It is able to generate compliant signed and encrypted SAML tokens including assertions with user attributes retrieved from an LDAP registry. The implementation uses ws-security and SAML as explained in the OGC 07-118 specification.


HMAT-SRD-0001-SPB18/03/20101.1Authentication Service Software Requirements Document
HMAT-ADD-0002-SPB18/03/20101.1Authentication Service Architectural Design Document
HMAT-ATP-0003-SPB18/03/20101.1Authentication Service Acceptance Test Plan

Software downloads

VersionDateSpecificationMain changes
Version 1.023/09/2009OGC 07-118 version 0.0.4Original implementation
Version 1.111/12/2009OGC 07-118 version 0.0.5Update to comply with OGC 07-118 v 0.0.5
Version 2.118/03/2010OGC 07-118 version 0.1.0Update to comply with OGC 07-118 v 0.1.0
Version 2.415/09/2010OGC 07-118 version 1.0Update to comply with OGC 07-118 v 1.0 - see sample files below

Sample files

Samples for STS 2.4 08/09/2010 set of RST, RSTR, SAML token samples for STS 2.4, with hints for decryption/signature verification

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