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HMA AWG Meeting n1 2012 15 February 2012


HMA AWG Meeting ESRIN Draft Agenda 
ESRIN Conference Room G, h 9.30-16


- update on the status of the HMA Cookbook , high level presentation  on standards ESA h 9.30

- online data access (work done at DLR, and other activities planned in DLR, EUMETSAT and ESA) 9.30-10.30

WCS standardisation status report by EOX (S. Messl EOX, via WebEX) 10.30-11.00

INSPIRE Orthoimagery TWG Status report and proposal (slides, document) (A . Romeo, ESA)  11.00-11.30

- status of HMA implementation at ESA and within GCMs (J. Martin, ESA) 11.30-11.45

- HMA-S standardisation activities: OpenSearch, WCPS, ... 11.45-12.00

SAFE update current status (G. Landgraf ESA) 12.00-12.30



- lunch 12.30-14


- EUMETSAT/CONTERRA comments on Identity Management (Vogues Conterra, Denis Spacebel via WebEX) h 14.00-14.15

- WPS updates from ESA projects. P. Jacques, Y Coene, Spacebel via WebEx h 14.15-14.30

- implementation plans for SPS within the DREAM project (C. Guillo Astrium via WebEX) 14.30-14.45 Note additional information on the DREAM project is available here

HMA-FO standards status update , (Y. Coene)  h 14.45-15.00

- ongoing and planned activities related to Ontology, (ESA, Spacebel) h 15-15.30

- Ongoing and planned Grid and Cloud activities J. Farres ESA  h 15.30-15.45

- CSA - ground segment standards implementation Bob Banik - CSA

- geoSDI & GEB Google Earth Builder Data geoserver on the cloud(from Colaiacomo)


- end of meeting h 17


Points outside the agenda:




Conclusions and Actions

 - Next HMA AWG meeting to be organised back to back with GSCB workshop 6-7 June 2012, possible date Friday 8 June 2012.

 - Organise a teleconference and/or a meeting on the approaches/standards for download manager (ESA + EUMETSAT)

 - Organise a teleconference/meeting with EUMETSAT on future support tools for multiple communities using CF-NETCDF. Address in particular annotation/ontology, community terminology, etc... (ESA + EUMETSAT)

 - Organise a teleconference with EUSC and CNES on the forthcoming work at the GMLJPEG200 working group. Ensure EOP metadata is used. (ESA + CNES + EUSC)

 - add INSPIRE to the "standards" slides (ESA)

 - Proposal to the INSPIRE ortoimagery TWG is supported by the HMA AWG. Align to O&M metadata model.

- all to contribute to the SAFE wiki and forum


Activities to be moved to HMA-S

- EO Products metadata update with RIDs from NgEO

- CIM catalogue document completion taking into account work done by Conterra for EUMETSAT 

- OpenSearch document finalisation with EO Product metadata AND download options

- Identity Management document finalisation after comments from Conterra

- input/comments to GML JEG2000

- remove WCPS as it is partially covered in DREAM project.

DREAM Project ad-hoc meeting with EMSA and CSA

Presentations; Dream Project, High level architecture, Workplan for EO SPS implementation,  CleanSeanet


Post meeting Discussion on COTS support for Web Coverage Services

The HMA AWG has discussed again the issue of COTS availability and scalability for serving operationally EO data products. The following statement has been discussed and agreed by the HMA AWG: 


ERDAS Apollo on Linux Platform 
The ERDAS Apollo product is one of the function completest commercial products for EO online data access services providing server-side HMA interfaces. In order to make this product usable in production environments within EO ground segment facilities, it is mandatory that the Linux platform is fully supported. The HMA Architecture Working Group encourages ERDAS to provide a full Linux platform support for the ERDAS Apollo product. 

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