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HMA AWG 4 June 2008

Heterogeneous Missions Access Architecture Working Group HMA AWG 4 June 2008 Postdam GFZ premises collocated with the OpenGeospatial Consortium OGC meeting

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Conclusions

  • EO-DAIL RIDs to be handled with ad-hoc periodic teleconferences
  • The new issue 0.1.9 of the OGC 06-131 catalogue document has been discussed and de facto accepted considering:
    • the background information given by JM on the implementation of the DAIL Implementation RIDS
    • no objection to the document circulated to the HMA AWG before the meeting (TBC by all HMA AWG).
  • HMA AWG terms for secretary remain open
  • Additional membership is not envisaged at the moment (to be re-discussed), however all the meetings will have an open session
  • OGC and GEOSS AIP: The principle to have a FEDEO-like activity linked with the Charter Catalogue is agreed.
  • 2008 Priorities have been described in the HMA Followon presentation.
  • GIGAS support action should address the gaps between the HMA approach and INSPIRE and GEOSS.
  • It is proposed for the HMA AWG to meet at the OGC TC (3 December 2008) and possibly have a teleconference after the EO-DAIL CDR mid october 2008. There may also be early results to be presented from:

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