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The Swarm L1B PP integrated on GPOD, follows the guidelines provided by the SIOV Test Scripts.

SIOV Tools Baseline




iers_igs.m (v1.1, 2014/05/22, 11:22:56)

CCDBs (allways use the last version)



How it works

An entry point interface was created in order to ease the integration of the Matlab code with GPOD. This interface is responsible for initializing all the SIOV global variables, convert L0 Products and execute the processor.

Since the Service is using the Product Orchestrator from the Operational Processor, the L0 Conversion is done for ISP_1 type which means it will convert all the products included in the input folder (previously orchestrated). The output of this conversion is an ISP.bin file for each input product, that are merged in one, per dataseries, after.

The iers_igs.m script converts a USNEOP product into a igs00p02.erp file that will be read by the ICRF2ITRF.F present in the IAU2000 folder (this is a fortran tool that you should compile on your machine - make all). By default, this fortran tool reads the igs00p02.erp file from the current script location, so in order to run it on gpod the line 275 in the script ICRF2ITRF.F should be changed to:


This way, the entry point interface will save the iers_igs.m to produce the output in the /tmp directory:

% hardcoded product just for testing
iers_igs(fullfile(L0Folder, 'SW_OPER_AUX_USNEOP_20140222T000000_20140821T000000_0001', 'SW_OPER_AUX_USNEOP_20140222T000000_20140821T000000_0001.DBL'), '/tmp/igs00p02.erp');

In order to compile the processor the lines 50, 51 and 69 in the script icrf2itrf.m present in external/Level1b/ should be commented:

%current = cd;

Last step is to compile using mcc:

mcc -v -m SwarmL1BPP.m -a /SWARM-PROTOTYPE/SIOVT_SW -a /SWARM-PROTOTYPE/SIOVT_SW/external/Level1b/IAU2000/icrf2itrf_iau.mexa64 -R -nodisplay


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