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G-Pod Publications

G-Pod related publications:

  • Grey W., North P., Los S., Colin O., Brito F., Mathot E.: A 12-Year Record of Global Aerosol Properties from ATSR-2 and AATSR, Proc. 'Envisat Symposium 2007', Montreux, Switzerland 23-27 April 2007 (ESA SP-636, July 2007)
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  • Cossu, R., Brito, F., Collin, O., Fusco, L., Goncalves, P., Lavalle, M., Paces, M.: Global Automatic Orthorectification of ASAR products in ESRIN G-Pod, Proc. 'Envisat Symposium 2007', Montreux, 23-27 April 2007 (ESA SP-636, July 2007).
  • Cossu, R., Bally, P., Brito, F., Collin, O., Fusco, L., Goncalves, M., Paces, M.: ASAR Product Handling and Analysis of Enhanced Flood Monitoring Service in ESRIN G-Pod, In Proc. Envisat Symposium 2007, Montreux, 23-27 April 2007 (ESA SP-636, July 2007)
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  • Kokhanovsky, A. A., von Hoyningen-Huene, W., Burrows, J. P., Colin, O., J.-M. Rosaz, J.-M. , Mathot E.: The Determination of the Cloud Fraction in the SCIAMACHY pixels using MERIS, In Proc. of the '2nd MERIS / (A)ATSR User Workshop', Frascati, 22-26 September 2008 (ESA SP-666, November 2008).
  • Farres J., Mathot E., Pinto S.: G-POD: A Collaborative Environment for Earth Observation at the European Space Agency, Proceedings of the ESA Living Planet Symposium, 28 June- 2 July 2010, Bergen, Norway, Special Publication SP-686 on CD-ROM, ESA Publications Division, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.
  • G. Trianni, E. Angiuli, M. Pesaresi. Improved Anisotropic Rotation Invariant Built-up Presence Index for a Global Human Settlments Layer from Medium Resolution SAR Data, in Proc.of the ESA-EUSC-JRC 2011 conference. Image Information Mining: automation of geospatial intelligence from Earth Observation - Ispra, 2011.
  • S. Pinto, P. Landart, F. Brito, G. Rivolta, J. Farres. Produce your own SMOS products on G-POD. Poster session, SMOS Workshop in Arles on September 27-29, 2011.
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  • L.M. Laurenza, U. Cortesi, S. Del Bianco and M. Gai, Application of KLIMA/G-POD algorithm to CO2 retrieval from IASI/METOP-A observations and comparison with TANSO-FTS/GOSAT products, Poster session, EGU 2012, Vienna, 22-27 April.
  • T.H.G.Lankester, J.Dash, F.Baret, S.R.Hubbard. PHAVEOS: The PHenology And Vegetation EO Service. In proc. of the '34th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment' April 10-15, 2011
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  • Delgado, J.M., Cuccu, R. and Rivolta, G., "Monitoring Ground Deformation Using Persistent Scatters Interferometry (PSI) and Small Baselines (SBAS) Techniques Integrated in the ESA RSS Service: The Case Study of Valencia, Rome and South Sardinia",Proc. ‘Fringe 2015 Workshop’, Frascati, Italy ,23–27 March 2015 (ESA SP-731, May 2015)
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  • Brown, L.A., Dash, J., Ogutu, B.O. and Richardson, A.D., 2017. On the relationship between continuous measures of canopy greenness derived using near-surface remote sensing and satellite-derived vegetation products, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 247, 280-292. doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2017.08.012

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