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  • Further evolve necessary FedEO software components to improve future data access and exploitation mechanisms:

    • Performance and scalability
    • Widen applicability of solution
  • Review emerging IT solutions, technology trends and adapt to bring benefits to the EO community.
  • Adoption of OpenAPI, also encouraged by OGC, as standard interface for its services, in combination with JSON and JSON-LD
  • Analyse and adopt new international guidelines and standards to improve gateway/catalogue functionalities, performance and interoperability. This includes:

    • Emerging GeoDCAT-AP specification to publish EO metadata
    • OGC 13-026r9 to introduce enhanced functionalities (e.g., flexible string search, results ranking, links to EO external services)
    • OGC 17-047 to provide a JSON-based encoding response from OpenSearch interface (e.g., quicker catalogue response, ease User interface development)
    • Improve faceted search capabilities
  • Transition to an internal metadata model of which other metadata models are views, to allow more flexibility. This includes:

    • Recent OGC guidelines, in cooperation with CEOS/NASA, about collection and product metadata model based on GeoJSON(-LD) encoding (e.g., OGC 17-084, OGC 17-003)
    • Generalization of the concept of catalogue entry in order to consider granules (/products), collections (aggregation of granules/products) and services related to both of them (e.g., remote processing, datacube, etc.) seamlessly (e.g., GeoDCAT-AP, ISO 19115-1 & ISO 19115-3, etc.)

Main Expected Results

The main expected outcomes of the project are:

  • (1) Scalable Catalogue based on:

    • OpenAPI
    • GeoJSON
    • OpenSearch OGC 17-047 and OGC 13-026r9
    • Interconnected metadata for collections, granules and applications (OGC 17-003r2, OGC 17-084, OGC 19-020r1)
    • Supporting additional response formats (JSON-LD, DCAT, GeoDCAT-AP)
  • (2) Web-based Collection Metadata Editor with validation/DIF-10/GeoJSON support
  • (3) Web-based Access Metrics Application


Milestone Date Actual Description
KO T0 03/12/2019 Kick-off
- T0+1M 18/12/2019 Requirements Technical Meeting
RR-1 T0+2M 17/03/2020 Requirements Review Phase 1
PM-1 T0 + 6M 11/08/2020 Progress Meeting 1
TRR-1 T0 + 7M - Test Readiness Review Phase 1
MTR-1 T0 + 9M 16/09/2020 Mid-Term Review
RR-2 T0 + 10M 14/10/2020 Requirements Review Phase 2
PM-2 T0 + 13M 16/02/2021 Progress Meeting 2
TRR-2 T0 + 16M - Test Readiness Review Phase 2
FR T0 + 18M 28/05/2021 Final Review
PF T0 + 18M 28/05/2021 Final Presentation



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