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ERGO EbRIM Implementation with GEONETWORK and OMAR


EO data users require accessing multiple data sources from different providers. It has been evaluated that more than 60% of the efforts of the Value-Adding Services is used for the Earth Observation (EO) data access.
The Heterogeneous Mission Accessibility - Interoperability program started in 2005 in the framework of the GMES Preparatory activities with the purpose of defining the interoperability concept across the ground segments of the European and Canadian missions which will contribute to the GMES initial phase. These missions have developed or are in the process of developing EO satellite that can offer essential capacity to the GMES Space Component according to their own objective and now need to be adapted to these requirements.
In the framework of the HMA-I activities, the Agency has defined in collaboration with these organisations the ground segment architecture and interoperability standards for an across-missions harmonised data access that is general and independent from the set of missions supported and includes:

  • Collection and service discovery
  • Catalogue search
  • Programming and Order
  • Mission planning
  • Data quality and product formats.


The aim of this project is to develop part of these interfaces using the Buddata ebRR and GeoNetwork opensource packages. Moreover the Buddata ebRR will be integrated in the SSE Toolbox (an open source tool developed in another ESA contract).

Buddata ebXML Registry (ebRR)

Buddata ebXML Registry/Repository (or ebRR in short) is an open source implementation of the OASIS ebXML Registry and OGC Catalogue Service. Much experience has been drawn from the OMAR ebXML Registry open source project (also known as "freebXML"), but many new things have been added to this new implementation.

The project is initiated by kZen Labs - the R&D division of 4C Technologies N.V., a Belgian IT company - and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) in support of the cataloguing activity for the Heterogeneous Mission Accessibility - Interoperability program (HMA-I) via the ESA ERGO project. Intecs S.p.A.- an Italian IT company specialized in space system development - is contributing by providing a test framework (based on the OGC TEAM engine).

Buddata ebRR put's a strong focus on its geospatial capabilities and the goal of the project is to include all so-called "ebRIM Profiles" or "extension packages" as defined by the OGC Catalogue Service, but also to support any other ebRIM profiles.

Natively it implements (Secured) SOAP Web Service interfaces based on the OASIS ebXML RS 3.0 and OGC Catalogue Service specifications. Its main other features are (1) a harvesting component with transformation capabilities to translate XML-based metadata in GML and ISO formats to ebXML RIM (with OGC geospatial extensions) and (2) a Java API to access the ebRR directly from Java code.

Buddata ebRR is distributed via an GPL v3 open source license via Google Code (buddata-ebxml-registry) with a first release available in September 2008.

GeoNetwork opensource
GeoNetwork opensource is an established, standards based, Free and Open Source catalog application to manage spatially referenced resources through the web. It provides powerful metadata editing and search functions as well as an embedded interactive web map viewer. The project strongly supports community participation and collaboration. It focusses on the support of international metadata and catalog standards, hidden behind a friendly web interface.

GeoCat bv is a Dutch company that currently implements the CSW-ebRIM catalog interface in GeoNetwork. This activity is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) in support of the cataloguing activity for the Heterogeneous Mission Accessibility - Interoperability program (HMA-I) via the ESA ERGO project. GeoCat bv. is owned by the founder of the GeoNetwork opensource project, Jeroen Ticheler.

GeoNetwork originated at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations with whom the European Space Agency has a long standing history of collaboration in the field of Earth Observation in support of agriculture and food security. GeoNetwork is a decentralized spatial information management environment, designed to enable access to geo-referenced databases, cartographic products and related metadata from a variety of sources, enhancing the spatial information exchange and sharing between organizations and their audience, using the capacities of the internet. This approach of geographic information management tries to help a wide community of spatial information users to have easy and timely access to available spatial data and to existing thematic maps that might support informed decision making.

The GeoNetwork project is part of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) geospatial software stack and is released under the GNU-GPL v2 open source license. Releases can be found at http://geonetwork-opensource.org. The code repository is hosted by SourceForge. Information related to the CSW ebRIM implementation can be found on the GeoNetwork developer WIKI.


The Toolbox is a configurable application that help the Service Provider to easily convert its service into SOAP based service. It can be used to integrate different kind of services and/or catalogues into the SSE infrastructure. Different kinds of back-end communication systems are foreseen: File exchange, File Transfer Protocol, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, API support, Script support, JDBC, SOAP and Email.
Furthermore the Toolbox provides an easy mechanism to convert the incoming XML files into other files (based on XML or on a proprietary format) or data structures suitable to be used for the communication with the back-end systems. It already supports the EOLI catalogue interfaces and will be upgraded to support the HMA interfaces.

Please refer to the Toolbox web site for the following:

  • Getting further informations and a complete description of the software (here).
  • Access the Software User Manual
  • Download Toolbox Runtime Environment and Development Environment
  • Access and interact with the Forum


MilestoneTimePlanned dateDescription
PDRT0+223/05/2008Preliminary Design Review
PM1T0+424/07/2008Progress Meeting 1
PM2T0+515/09/2008Progress Meeting 2
PM3T0+720/11/2008Progress Meeting 3
PM4T0+923/01/2009Progress Meeting 4
PM5T0+1013/02/2009Progress Meeting 5
PM6T0+1117/03/2009Progress Meeting 6
PM6T0+1216/04/2009Progress Meeting 7
CDRT0+137-8/05/2009Critical Design Review
ART0+149-10/06/2009Acceptance Review
FPT0+1418-19/06/2009Final Presentation

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