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  • Propose best practices for the use of Schema.org for representing Earth Observation collections, products and services, and facilitate discovery of this information through the large search engines.

  • Publication of (EO) metadata using structured data (Schema.org/JSON-LD) allowing discovery through mass-market search engines (their knowledge graph) and changing the current approaches of dedicated metadata (ISO, O&M) and catalogue servers/clients.


The main expected outcomes of the project are:

  • (1) schema.org recommendations for EO collections, products and services taking into account recent OGC GeoJSON(-LD) encoding specifications.

  • (2) Offline implementation of proposed encodings (server-side).

  • (3) Online implementation of proposed encodings. Additional FedEO API response media types (linked data), and interconnection with ESA and GCMD Thesauri and large knowledge bases such as DBpedia, Yago and other.


Milestone Date Actual Description
KO T0 19/10/2020 Kick-off
RR-1 T0+2M 08/02/2021 Requirements Review Phase 1
PM-1 T0 + 6M - Progress Meeting 1
MTR T0 + 9M - Mid-Term Review
RR-2 T0 + 10M - Requirements Review Phase 2
PM-2 T0 + 13M - Progress Meeting 2
FR T0 + 18M - Final Review
PF T0 + 18M - Final Presentation



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