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EKAT Project

Project Title   Earth Observation Knowledge and Technology Dissemination
Project Acronym   EKAT
Contractor(s)   GeoData Services Ltd.


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In Hungary Earth Observation and Remote Sensing technologies are relatively unknown, although there is a growing interest towards new innovation techniques and technologies in different sectors like industry, civil protection, insurance, forestry, education and others. This gap has to be filled in to facilitate Hungary to join ESA in the near future.

The purpose of the Earth Observation Knowledge and Technology Dissemination, Hungary (EOS Knowledge and Technology Dissemination) project is to develop remote sensing data, technology and related fields knowledge and acceptance level in Hungary to the general ESA expectance level.

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The aim of the project is to gather and spread the knowledge about earth observation data and applications as well as accessing the potentialities of ESA environments in support to research and application exploitation.


The main tasks:

  Image Spreading information on use of earth observation (EOS) and/or remote sensing (RS) technology and application solutions. (INFORMATION)
  Image Delivering latest information on publicly available remote sensing data (images) and their characteristics. (DATA)
  Image Disseminating and exchanging information of available ESA technologies. (ESA TECHNOLOGIES)
  Image Connecting EOS/RS with other EU initiatives in Hungary of EOS/RS to other fields of technology. (APPLICATION)
  Image Connection to ESA programmes and operations (ESA PROGRAMMES)

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  Image ESA and HSO (Hungarian Space Office) our main supporters
  Image In the project there are five tasks (described above), and each of them does tasks within its field and also connected to other tasks.
  Image These tasks aimed at reaching the potential end-user groups


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How it works

The project prepares different tools, which help to reach the potential end-users, who are:

  Image Science – experts in the field of earth observation/remote sensing and related fields
  Image Administration – governments, local governments, local inspectorates, national parks
  Image Business – companies in the field of insurance, oil, forestry, etc.
  Image General public

The tools are:

  Image Organizing conferences in the topic “Earth Observation and Life???
  Image Organizing workshops for the target group “science???
  Image Preparing info-brochures
  Image Creating a web-based information system in the field of the 5 tasks:
- EOS/RS solutions and technologies
- EOS/RS images
- available ESA technologies and solutions
- applied technologies and solutions
- available ESA programmes and operations
  Image Publishing articles in the hungarian media


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  Image Project homepage: http://www.geoadat.hu/projekt
  Image Info-brochures
  Image Conference series
  Image Conference abstracts
  Image Articles
  Image Application results of KIM/KEO modules and related documentations

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