Introduction and Objectives

The E-Collaboration for Earch Observation project is to provide a collaborative research platform for automated data mining and information extraction experiments using the latest in cloud computing concepts and technologies. The project will address both the technologies and architectures needed to provide such a solution.
The main objectives of the E-CEO project are:
Provide a collaborative research Platform for:

  • Automation of data mining and information extraction experiments
  • Generation of reproducible results that can be easily shared
  • Addressing specific scientific challenges and tackling new research problems in a “parallel and collaborative way”
  • Set-up three on-line contests, which can be appealing way of conducting research in data mining

Expected Results

The ECEO platform and contest have been presented in a paper and presentation at the ESA Image Information Mining Conference 2014 held in Bucharest from 5th - 7th March. A copy of the poster presented at the conference is available from the following link: eCollaboration_Poster.pdf
A paper and presentation have been also prepared for the Big Data from Space 2014 Conference held in ESRIN from the 12th - 14th of November. A copy of the presentation from the conferences is available at the following link: KIERNAN_BIG_DATA_MINING_TALK_3.pdf

The ECEO platform and contests will be promoted and announced at various EO events. For further information please contact: eceo at skytek.com

The project Final Report is available at the following link:

Final Report

Project Schedule

MilestoneDate Place Description


The project partners for the E-CEO project are:

  • Skytek Ltd (Ireland)
  • Daysha Ltd (Ireland)
  • VTT (Finland)
  • CMRC (Irelant)

Project Deliverables

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