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Toolbox 8.0

Toolbox 8.0 is the latest revision of the Toolbox suite which has been tested for full compliance with the SSE portal.

Toolbox 8.0 introduces a native support for CSW ebRIM catalogues and let you create a metadata catalogue from scratch in few steps. Bug fixes and some additional enhancements have been also introduced.

Below you can find the installers for Toolbox Runtime Enviroment 8.0 and the packages for offline installation of Toolbox Development Environment.

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Name   Downloads
zipTDE_offline_install.zip Download   124
zipTDE_offline_install_libs.zip Download   69
zipToolbox8Rev5.jar Download   85
zipToolbox8Rev5_tomcat.jar Download   85
zipUpgrade_Rev5_to_Rev6.jar Download   32

We invite all users to upgrade to this latest version.

For those who prefer to update the Toolbox Development Environment through the online procedure, please use the following repository:


The Toolbox 8.0 documentation, with a detailed description of the installation procedure, can be found here.